“Sweet Home 3” Premieres July 19 as Epic Series Reaches Its Finale

Prepare for a thrilling summer as Netflix announces the return of Sweet Home for its third season on July 19, bringing the epic series to a dramatic conclusion!

Since its debut, the apocalyptic horror series has captivated audiences worldwide. Season 1 introduced viewers to a terrifying world of monsters, making history as the first Korean series to break into Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list. Season 2 continued to expand the narrative, exploring deeper and darker themes.

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In the highly anticipated third season, the line between monster and human becomes increasingly blurred as humanity faces the rise of neohumans, bringing the world to the edge of annihilation. This season promises to be the peak of the monsterization saga.

The poster features Hyun-su (Song Kang) standing in a devastated city, his monstrous wing symbolizing his internal struggle after being overtaken by a monster at the end of Season 2. Suspended cocoons hint at an impending transformation.

Season 3 of Sweet Home aims to deliver a satisfying conclusion, wrapping up the arcs of key characters, including:

  • Nam Sang-won, appears in Pyeon Sang-wook’s (Lee Jin Wook) body before Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-se).
  • Eun-hyeok (Lee Do Hyun), is reborn with a fully formed body from a cocoon.
  • Yi-kyung (Lee Si Young), whose maternal instincts mix with love and fear for her monster-born child, Kid (Kim Sia).
  • Eun-yu (Go Min Si), who transforms from a student into a formidable warrior.
  • Private Park (Jinyoung), who grows closer to the solitary Eun-yu.
  • Master Sergeant Tak (Yoo Oh Seong) from Crow Platoon and Kim Yeong-hu (Kim Mu Yeol), united in a common goal but differing methods.

Who will triumph in the ultimate showdown between monsters and humans?

Catch the exciting finale of Sweet Home on Netflix starting July 19.