“Sweet Home” Season 2, 9 Survivors 9 Desires

Netflix revealed character posters for “Sweet Home” Season 2 featuring 9 survivors and their desires

In Season 2, set in a world where desires turn into monsters and away from the chaos of Green Home, Hyun-soo and the survivors of Green Home each face their struggles to survive. The story unfolds with new desires, events and struggles, including the emergence of new entities and mysterious phenomena.

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sweet home-2

The released character posters depict the nine individuals battling to survive against the backdrop of a city engulfed in monster transformation. The intense images show Hyun-soo grappling with the evolved desires, the surviving Green Home residents and new characters filling the expanded worldview. The sharp and fierce gazes of the characters hint at a larger, more curious story.

sweet home-2

Accompanying still cuts reveal various characters confronting evolved desires and more vicious monsters. The characters include Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), who risks becoming an experimental subject to find clues to resolve the monster transformation crisis; Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-wook), who believes that monster transformation is humanity’s hope; Seo Yi-kyung (Lee Si-young), who chases clues about her husband Sang-won until the end; Lee Eun-yoo (Go Min-si), who is driven by a desperate determination to find her brother Eun-hyuk; Private Park Chan-young (Jinyoung), filled with a sense of duty to transport survivors, Sergeant Tak In-hwan (Yu Oh-seong), leader of the Special Forces Guard; Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-se), a researcher of vaccines; Kim Young-hoo (Kim Mu-yeol), a former UDT sergeant and the second-in-command of the Guard Corps; and the mysterious child with extraordinary abilities (Kim Si-ah).

“Sweet Home” Season 2 will be released on Netflix on December 1st.

Source: Daum