‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Director Reveals Why It Took Them 3 Years to Release the Sequel

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“Sweet Home” season 2 director Lee Eung Bok shared his honest thoughts about the sequel.

One of the most highly anticipated series of 2023, Netflix showcased the second season of the action thriller sci-fi series.

With a total of 8 episodes, viewers get to see a returning cast headlined by Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Go Min Si, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Si Young, along with new familiar faces.

Oh Jung Se takes on the role of Dr. Lim, who is the man responsible for putting an end to the viral plague.

Meanwhile, Yoo Oh Sung plays first commander Tak In Hwan, while Kim Moo Yeol portrays second commander Kim Young Hoo.

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : Netflix Korea)

As for Jinyoung, he takes on the role of Park Chan Young, a former baseball pitcher who becomes the youngest member of the platoon.

While “Sweet Home” season 2 draws an overwhelming response from the public, here’s what director Lee Eung Bok says about the feedback from viewers.

In an interview obtained by a media outlet, the filmmaker, who is also behind notable hit K-dramas like “Descendants of the Sun,” “Goblin,” “Jirisan,” and “Mr. Sunshine” dishes on his true feelings regarding the sequel.

The Continued Popularity of ‘Sweet Home’

First aired in 2020, fans waited for almost 3 years to watch “Sweet Home” season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

As for the director, he “didn’t know there would be so much interest” in the Netflix original series.

Lee Eung Bok also added that he felt relieved upon seeing the public’s reaction after seasons 1 and 2 were released.

The director mentioned that it took him and Netflix three years to release the sequel because “neither of them thought it would be that successful.”

“It’s also a genre that costs a lot of money. New challenges are necessary, and I think it took time to make a business decision,” he furthered, as mentioned by a media outlet.

In addition, he also considered the schedule of the actors and staff who will be part of the sequel.

Lastly, one of the things they have to consider is the budget.

“We had to make it within a budget, so we needed connection time, and we filmed it on the Mungyeong set, but it took several months to find a location.”

Director Lee Eung Bok also added that filming an apocalyptic genre requires a lot of preparation and needs to be detailed, hence why it took them almost 3 years to release “Sweet Home” season 2.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Tops 3 Countries 

In less than a week since it premiered, “Sweet Home” season 2 entered Netflix’s global top 10 TV shows.

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : Netflix)

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : Netflix)

According to a streaming aggregator service, Flix Patrol, the sequel is currently in 6th place, topping 3 countries. It includes Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand.