‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Episodes 4 to 6 Introduces New Characters as Monsterization Takes Place

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The second half of “Sweet Home” season 2 illustrates the status after the survivors undergo monsterization.

A lot has happened, including the introduction of new characters.

Headlined by Song Kang, Lee Jin Woo, Go Min Si, Lee Si Young, and more, the Netflix series also featured new familiar faces joining “Sweet Home” season 2.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Episode 4

Titled “The Stadium,” “Sweet Home” season 2 episode 4 featured 337 days after the monsterization.

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : Netflix Korea)

The army is now controlling the peace and security among survivors who are living below a stadium, which they consider their shelter.

Unfortunately for the Green Home residents, they are seen as outcasts. Further, Chief Ji believes that Lee Eun Yu killed her husband.

The 4th episode also featured new characters like Jung Ye Seul, the daughter of Chief Ji, who is infatuated with Park Chan Young.

In addition, a survivor named Oh Jun Il plays a significant role. He is a 30-year-old man who is mentally challenged and the only relative of her mother, who has cancer.

The episode also showcased Lee Eun Yu’s secret quest. She takes a secret path to search for food and her brother. However, she was followed by Sang Jin and Dong Gi, who got permission to go outside with the instruction to check what Eun Yu was doing.

However, instead of killing Eun Yu, the two encountered a mysterious young girl named Ah Yi, who is Seo Yi Kyung’s child.

She has a special ability to turn humans into monsters.

Ah Yi turned Dong Gi into one of her slaves and instructed him to kill Sang Jin.

She also turned Oh Jun Il into a monster; however, he didn’t show symptoms right away.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Episode 5

The episode continues with Oh Jun Il’s mom running away from the shelter because she didn’t want to cause any trouble for her fellow survivors.

Unfortunately, she stepped on a land mine, but Park Chan Young insisted on saving her.

Sweet Home Season 2

(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Thankfully, the commander stepped in and helped Chan Young and the old woman. However, they noticed that she was infected and separated her from the isolation area.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lim is checking on Oh Jun Il, whom they believe has a special case of infection. He believes that it might be something they could do to help him with his research.

One of the significant scenes in episode 5 is Lee Eun Yoo seeing Seo Yi Kyung alive, who followed the mysterious girl and ended up near the stadium.

“Sweet Home’ Season 2 Episode 6

After finding the mysterious girl, Seo Yi Kyung ran off, leaving Lee Eun Yoo curious about their relationship.

However, she and Park Chan Young followed them but ended up falling into a pit.

After several attempts to get out of the pit, they managed to survive but were welcomed by Wang Ho Sang and Ha Ni, who saved them from the invincible monster.

Ha Ni insisted on taking Chan Young with them and leaving Eun Yoo, but Ho Sang took them both but held them captive for their own protection.

As for the military, they thought that Park Chan Young, Lee Eun Yoo, and the two other survivors would escape the stadium using a secret path, but little did they know that two of them were dead while the rest were being held captive.

The sixth episode also focuses on Seo Yi Kyung and the girl’s relationship.

Yi Kyung wanted to protect the girl from herself and other people, hence why she often ties her hands.

However, the girl saw how mean and ruthless humans are, so she wanted to punish them.