Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Sweet Trap is a modern Chinese romance drama that has a slow pace but is not boring and I like it. Some people in the comments section argued that it shouldn’t be labeled as a romance, is that true? see my review below!

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Drama Details

Title: Sweet Trap (甜甜的陷阱)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: January 29, 2024
Genres: Food, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Jiang Jie, a rising star in the world of Chinese cuisine. With his exceptional knife skills and culinary prowess, he has risen to the top of the culinary ladder, earning the prestigious Five Star Kitchen Knife award.

Now, he amazes guests with his creations at a luxury hotel. However, deep inside his heart, Jiang Jie yearned for a culinary duel with a venerable old chef whose reputation preceded him.

On the other side of the stove, Li Nai, a spirited apprentice under the older chef, seeks to restore her master’s lost glory. Determined to aid him, she devises a clever scheme: infiltrate the hotel’s kitchen and get close to Jiang Jie. Little does she know, Jiang Jie harbors his own ambitious plan to showcase his unrivaled talent in Chinese cuisine.

As these culinary virtuosos prepare for a showdown, the stage is set for a battle that transcends mere cooking. It’s a clash of wits, passion, and gastronomic genius. Who will emerge victorious in this epic duel of flavors and emotions?


Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Sweet Trap Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode “Sweet Trap”, Jiang Jie and Li Nai team up for a cooking contest, facing off against the formidable Jiang Xiu.

Just before the competition kicks off, Jiang Xiu confronts Jiang Xuyang, revealing her unwavering commitment to her boyfriend despite family disapproval. Amidst the tension, Xuyang cunningly arranges for a sous chef to aid Jiang Xiu.

Meanwhile, Cui Can encounters his sister, pressing her for an explanation regarding her treatment of him. Emotions run high as they discuss their family’s reputation and the possibility of working together to restore it.

As the contest progresses, Xuyang’s sinister plot to sabotage Li Nai unfolds, culminating in a dangerous scheme involving Li Jidong. Despite the danger, Li Nai’s quick thinking prevents disaster, though she finds herself trapped in an elevator due to Xuyang’s machinations.

With Li Nai in peril, Jiang Jie senses trouble and springs into action upon learning of Xuyang’s intentions from Zhu Hao. Racing against time, Jiang Jie rushes to rescue Li Nai, leaving her to face the competition alone.

Despite Xuyang’s attempts to disrupt the contest, Jiang Jie and Jiang Xiu engage in a heated culinary battle for supremacy. When Xuyang’s deceit is exposed, Li Nai and Zhu Hao intervene, ensuring justice prevails and Xuyang is apprehended by Cui Can.

With victory secured, Jiang Jie assures Li Nai that as long as they’re together, they can overcome any challenge. Their enduring love triumphs over adversity, leading to a heartfelt promise of unwavering support from Li Nai and a blissful conclusion for the couple after weathering the storm together.

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Review

If you’re a fan of slow-burn romance, then this series is right up your alley. Some folks in the comments section argued that it shouldn’t be labeled as a romance, but I beg to differ. Romance isn’t solely about kisses and physical closeness.

For me, Xie Bin Bin truly nailed his character portrayal. You could feel his affection for the Female Lead through his gaze, and honestly, that was enough to tug at my heartstrings. When the confession and kiss scene finally unfolded, it made the whole journey worth it.

Sure, this might not be a high-budget production, and some of the edited scenes come off a tad dramatic with the camera work, but personally, it didn’t bother me much. I can’t pinpoint the exact filming date, but it gives off vibes from around 2017, which I kinda miss.

Now, speaking from my own perspective, I’m mostly invested in the romantic aspects of a storyline, so the plot holes didn’t really faze me. Overall, it’s a solid drama that had me hooked from the very first episode. Don’t let the negative comments sway you; give it a shot and judge for yourself.

Initially, I tuned into this series because of Zhang Miaoyi. After watching her in “Exclusive Fairytale,” “When I Fly Towards You,” “Back to Seventeen,” and “Please Don’t Spoil Me,” I just had to see what she’d bring to the table here.

This drama delves into the complexities of love and hate, making things incredibly tangled. It taught me that we can harbor multiple feelings towards someone – we can love and loathe them simultaneously, which is a pretty human thing to experience.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m head over heels for this drama, but the fact that each episode kept me hooked, eagerly awaiting the next installment, speaks volumes. I never found myself getting bored, even speeding through some scenes at 2× speed.

Ultimately, I have no regrets after watching it. The ending left me feeling quite satisfied. There weren’t any cringe-worthy moments for me, and the romance was just right – not too saccharine, but not lacking either. It all made sense in the grand scheme of things. This series definitely deserves more attention.

The storyline, acting, and chemistry between the characters all hit the mark for me. I could feel their pain and their love for each other. Despite the Male Lead’s initially cold demeanor, his tenderness towards the Female Lead was palpable. His actions spoke volumes about his affection for her.

The familial conflicts surrounding the Male Lead added an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative. And as for the Female Lead, she’s always a delight – funny, cute, and a talented actress through and through. She consistently delivers whether the scenes are serious or lighthearted. Plus, her chemistry with her leading men is always on point, making me ship her with them every time!

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Xie Bin Bin as Jiang Jie

Zhang Miao Yi as Li Nai

Support Role

Tian Xu Ning as Cui Can

Yakisa as Jiang Xiu

Xu Yang Hao as Jiang Xu Yang

Li Shu Man as Zhu Hao

Kimi Yang as Zheng Fang Xing

Shi Chao as Ge Qun Shan

Xie Xin as Zhao Jing Jing

Ye Xiao Qiu as Song Duo

Wang Yu Ze as Lu Ke

Wu Li Hua as Liu Ping

Chen Yi Che as Lei Shi Yu

Xiong Yi Fan as Cui Jing

Xing Wen Jie as Jiang Yuan Shan / Jiang Yuan Feng

Yang Jun Bai as Li Ji Dong

Li Yi Zeng as Cao Liang

Zhang Kun as Director Jin

Feng Li Ping as Xu Kang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Sweet Trap is a good modern romance Chinese drama that made me look forward to each new episode, and I can confidently say that it is worth watching, especially if you pay close attention to the story. I recommend this. My rating for the review of the Sweet Trap Chinese drama review is 8,5/10.