T-ARA Areum Dumps Fiance Amidst Controversy, Addresses Gambling Issues

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Former T-ARA member Areum recently announced her breakup with her controversial fiancé, sparking curiosity and concern among fans.

Areum and her now-ex-boyfriend are currently embroiled in serious allegations, with suspicions of defrauding fans and acquaintances of approximately ₩40.0 million KRW (around $29,000 USD).

However, Areum has vehemently denied these accusations, stating, “Rather than lend us money, the correct way to phrase it would be that there were people who helped us.”

Legal and Personal Battles

Amidst these allegations, T-ARA Areum is focused on legal proceedings, aiming to sue those involved while also addressing personal matters like regaining custody of her children.

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA Areum
(Photo : INSTAGRAM/areum0ju)

She clarified, “I couldn’t receive help when I needed it for a ridiculous issue. I am using the money to sue those people and to get my children back.”

Hacking and Misinformation

T-ARA Areum also addressed claims related to illegal gambling, asserting her innocence and pointing out hacking attempts.

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA Areum
(Photo : INSTAGRAM/areum0ju)

She explained, “All the texts that my phone had sent out were from the hackers. They manipulated it the way they manipulate photos.”

Recently, Former T-ARA member Lee Ahreum recently posted a cryptic message on social media seemingly directed at her ex-husband amid their divorce. Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche, she hinted at resilience amidst personal challenges.

Ahreum’s divorce from her businessman husband, with whom she shares two sons, was announced suddenly in December. She has since revealed a new romantic partner, emphasizing a fresh start post-divorce. Amid allegations of abuse during the divorce proceedings, Ahreum disclosed disturbing incidents involving her children.


She clarified misconceptions about her parental rights, asserting her commitment to protecting her children. Ahreum surprised the public with news of her impending remarriage to writer Seo Dong-hoon.

Concerns arose about revealing Seo’s identity before finalizing the divorce. Ahreum’s journey, including her divorce, abuse allegations, and remarriage, has garnered significant public attention, especially following her recent return to the spotlight on a singing competition show.