T-ARA’s ex-member Areum announces divorce and remarriage on the same day… Sending away her child for a quick divorce

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 Former T-ARA’s member, Areum, recently announced both her divorce and remarriage on the same day. Her husband expresses the intention to proceed with legal action. Additionally, she also revealed that her children are currently with her husband.

On the 10th, Areum stated, “I have found someone I want to be with forever. A person so precious, that I hesitated to reveal. After considering each other’s thoughts, we have decided to confidently announce our love that began so genuinely, like an aurora,” announcing her divorce and remarriage after four years of marriage. 

Areum mentioned that she is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, who stated, “We are still in the midst of legal proceedings. I have endured a great deal of pain, even before knowing the person that she loves. I have a lot of evidence to show, but I decided not to because of my children. I have endured provocations with disrespectful words until the end. However, I believe that as long as I remain upright, it will be enough.”

Areum also added, “We will be registering our marriage as soon as the legal proceedings are over. We have promised to get married. We haven’t finalized our divorce yet. It has been legally pending for several years, but it’s not because we haven’t wanted to. I think there’s no need for a lengthy explanation.”

Areum reassured, “Precedents don’t matter. What’s important is the future. No need to worry. Those who leave malicious comments without knowing the full story will face legal consequences,” urging for support rather than criticism as she announces the start of a new life. 

While many support Areum’s decision to divorce and remarry after four years, there are concerns about publicly revealing a new partner while the divorce is still in process, as this could potentially complicate the divorce proceedings. 

Areum shared details about her current situation. When a netizen asked, “Are you raising both of your sons?”Areum responded, “I sent the children away today for a quick agreement. However, it’s a difficult situation as he insists on going to court without reaching an agreement.” Despite Areum’s willingness to forgo custody rights and seek a quick divorce, her husband maintains a position of pursuing legal action. It appears that the divorce process may take more time.

Meanwhile, Areum joined T-ARA in July 2012 but left the group in July the following year. She appeared on KBS 2 ‘Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit’ in 2017 and recently participated in JTBC ‘Sing Again 3’. Areum previously married a non-celebrity in 2019 and gave birth to two sons. Last year, she revealed her struggles with her marriage and depression on TVing ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’.


-She’s basically saying that she had already separated with her husband a few years ago. Then why did they have another child? I feel sorry for their child…

-I’m at loss for words… Why did they decide to have another child?

-??? The divorce has been legally pending for several years. Then why did they have another child last year…?

-?? I had to read the article several times because I had a hard time processing the whole news. I have come to the conclusion that she cheated on her husband.

-I have a lot to say, but I choose to stay silent…

-I noticed that she has always seemed a bit unstable since she first joined T-ARA… I mean, look at the way she talks

-Does she not think of her child?? She must be crazy for men…

-I don’t think she has dated her new partner for more than a few months now… Is he truly worth sacrificing her relationship with her child?

-She should’ve talked with her lawyer first before posting that…

-She’s at the age where she should know best that love is not everything… I feel bad for her child…

-I heard that her second son just turned one… Why did she choose to have another child with her husband?

-What is happening? I don’t understand…

-If I were her husband, I’d do the same thing. She sent her child away for a quick divorce?