[T/W] Ex-T-ARA Ahreum Attempts to Make Extreme Decision Amid Divorce Lawsuit

[T/W: Self-Harm, Assault]

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After confession that she was abused by her ex-husband during a divorce lawsuit, T-ARA Ahreum attempted to end her life.

On March 27, the K-media reported that Lee Ahreum, a former member of the 2nd-gen girl group T-ARA, was rushed to the hospital after attempting to make an extreme decision.

Currently, she’s receiving treatment and care from the hospital.

Why Ahreum Attempted to Take Her Life: Idol Becomes Victim of Assault, Phone Hacking

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA AHreum

Based on the reports, the main reason the star decided to come up with an extreme decision was due to the stress and pressure she’s receiving from her divorce lawsuit with her ex-husband.

On top of this, Ahreum became a victim of cellphone hacking as well, aiming to extort money from her.

On March 25, two days before she attempted to commit self-harm, Ahreum made a revelation on her personal Instagram that her family including children were abused by her former husband.

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA Areum
(Photo : news 1)

Ahreum confessed that Mr. Kim, throughout their married life, has been involved in gambling and has been borrowing money arbitrarily, despite never giving financial support to them.

At the time, Mr. Kim also abused and assaulted him while together, but she remained silent to protect her children.

She also gave the husband initial custody of their kids, in return for a faster divorce process. However, during a negotiation interview with the children, Ahreum was heartbroken after knowing that their father horrifyingly abused them as well.

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA Areum
(Photo : news 1)

The child who is less than a year old was often thrown onto the bed and fell, while the 5-year-old eldest child was hit, pushed and even kicked out of the house for making noise while Mr. Kim and his mother were sleeping.

As a piece of evidence, Ahreum posted her photo where her face was seen full of scars and a mosaic of part of her body, proving that she had been assaulted by Mr. Kim.

The photo was taken in November 2021, right after fleeing to her parents’ house on the day she was mercilessly beaten by the man in front of their child.

Ahreum to Supposedly Marry New Boyfriend If It Wasn’t for Difficult Divorce Lawsuit

T-ARA Areum
T-ARA Areum
(Photo : instagram)

Meanwhile, Ahreum who debuted in 2012 as T-ARA, left the team in 2013 and got married in 2019 to a businessman, giving them two sons.

However, in December last year, she shocked the entertainment scene after simultaneously announcing divorce and remarriage with a new boyfriend.

While it was supposed to be a new start for Ahreum, the process wasn’t as smooth as it should have been.

T-ARA Areum
(Photo : Instagram|@areum0ju)

After the news, the new couple met multiple allegations such as the claim that her boyfriend was jailed before for assault and fraud. This led Ahreum’s boyfriend, a café owner and a non-celebrity, to earn hateful comments, which pushed him to attempt to commit suicide as well.

At the time, Ahreum announced that she would sue those who spread unfounded rumors with no leniency.