Taeyang Reveals How He Relieves Stress, “Spending Time With Family Makes Me Happy”

Singer Taeyang talked about the way he manages his mental condition

On October 27th, the YouTube channel of ‘Vogue Korea’ uploaded a new video titled “How do TAEYANG and JEON SOMI increase self-esteem?!”.

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When asked about his workout routine, Taeyang said, “I work out three or four sometimes even five times a week. And I take a walk morning and night”. He continued, “I worked out since I was very little. Back then, I was more focused on trying to look better. Now I’m more focused on how I feel better after I work out. I actually work out more to maintain that good condition. When I don’t work out, it takes more time for me to control my thoughts. I try to work out every day to maintain my good condition.”

Regarding the question, “How do you relieve stress for mental well-being?”, Taeyang replied, “I usually take a walk”, adding “I enjoy looking at the changing seasons and the colorful sky to clear my mind.” He confessed, “A better way is to talk with like-minded people to share my ideas and get comforted”.

In the meantime, the male singer also described what made him feel happy these days, saying “Spending time with my family makes me so happy”. He added, “After the pandemic, I made an album and I keep meeting my fans at concerts”.


Taeyang drew attention as he emphasized mental management again. When asked how he gets rid of negative thoughts, Taeyang said, “Once you find the fundamental reason behind the negativity, you can get rid of that faster than you’d expect.” He shared, “For me, I enjoy the process of my work. Results are, of course, important. But results are sometimes good but sometimes bad. If you want to do it for a long time, you should focus more on the process of your work, not on the results. If you’re satisfied with the process itself, you’ll be able to do what you like for a longer time.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang debuted as a member of BIG BANG in 2006. He married actress Min Hyo-rin in 2018 and has a son. 

Taeyang is currently the only “survivor” in BIG BANG as other members, including T.O.P, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri, have all caused controversies and scandals. Recently on the 25th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency announced that they were investigating G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Source: Daum