Taeyeon “12 years older than Jeon Somi, we have the same birthday” (Amazing Saturday)

Singer Taeyeon appeared together with Jeon Somi, who is her ddi donggapnaegi (12 years younger than her).

The Sep 9th broadcast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” featured Bbaek Ga, Jeon Somi and Jung Dong Won.

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Kim Dong Hyun appeared with Bbaek Ga (a friend of the same age), Taeyeon appeared with Jeon Somi (ddi donggapnaegi) and Shin Dong Yup appeared with Jung Dong Won (ddi-ddi-ddi donggapnaegi – 36 years younger than him).

jeon somi taeyeon

Bbaek Ga and Kim Dong Hyun made a clumsy greeting, “We’re friends of the same age.”

Taeyeon and Jeon Somi emphasized, “We even have the same birthday.”

When Boom said “The two have different energies“, Taeyeon revealed that they are polar opposites, “E (extrovert) and I (introvert)?

jeon somi taeyeon

Shin Dong Yup introduced, “We’re ddi-ddi donggapnaegi (24 years apart).” Hearing this, Jung Dong Won corrected, “Ddi-ddi-ddi donggapnaegi.”

Shin Dong Yup quickly covered Jung Dong Won’s mouth, causing laughter.

The members added laughter by saying, “‘World Changing Quiz’ was revived here.”

Source: Daum