Taeyeon Praised For Impressive Freestyling In ‘Heaven’ MV: ‘Her Talent Is Insane’

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Earlier on July 8, Taeyeon officially released the official music video for “Heaven.” The release immediately made rounds on social media and the SONE fandom, as many praised the comeback for Taeyeon’s amazing vocals, the groovy song, and the MV’s horror-themed concept.


The MV was trailed by a separate content on July 9, when Taeyeon released the behind-the-scenes for “Heaven.”  While there were many memorable moments in the video, one particular dance scene from Taeyeon stood out.

During one of the MV’s scenes, Taeyeon captivates everyone’s attention with her dancing around a table. The clip and MV showed Taeyeon making use of her techniques and the environment to deliver an impromptu performance.

The behind-the-scenes video also revealed more context on the sequence and it was revealed that the moves were all freestyled by Taeyeon herself!

Staff: “You almost passed it in one go. How did you (do it)?”

Taeyeon: “You have to let loose. It was all freestyle.”


On July 10, netizens gathered in a community post titled, “Not Everyone Can Be A Celebrity,” which contained an appreciation thread for the singer.


Translation: “In this scene, the dance was a freestyle without some sort of direction. You really have to be this talented to be a celebrity.”

K-netz reacted to Taeyeon’s dance moves:

  • “I wouldn’t have been able to do this even if I learned the choreography by heart… her talent is insane.”
  • “Taeyeon has experience though. She’s a pro.”
  • “She did pretty well considering that it was freestyled.”

International netizens even raved about how amazing the body dance was and even considered the technique pro-level. Some mentioned that the commendable performance was the result of Taeyeon’s raw talent and veteran experience in the K-pop industry.

Taeyeon’s dance also sparked reactions on social media platform X (Twitter).

  • “This is not about being a celebrity, but for Taeyeon who is actually not a good dancer, this is pro-level body dance.”
  • “Maybe many people still can’t notice Taeyeon is not good in leg moves but really good in arm and hand gestures.”
  • “It seems easy for those who know how to dance, but you can easily look like an octopus if you don’t know how to move your upper body.”
  • “She’s been an idol for many years now. This isn’t much of a surprise.”






Were you impressed by Taeyeon’s freestyle dancing? Are you looking forward to more of Taeyeon’s activities? Let us know in the comments below!