Taeyeon, Taemin, & Baekhyun Left the Chat: Fans Hilariously Respond to Claim SM Doesn’t Have Successful Soloists

K-pop fans are laughing over a claim that there are no successful soloists under SM Entertainment.

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Here’s how they reacted. 

SM Entertainment Doesn’t Have Successful Soloists? Post Becomes Laughing Stock Among K-pop Fans

The post received more than 257 downvotes from netizens.

On September 11, a netizen established a forum online, and titled it as, “There’s not one successful solo artist from SM Entertainment.” 

This was followed by the author’s elaboration of soloists from the big four agencies, excluding ones under SM Entertainment.

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However, it made the exception for BoA, one of the most legendary solo artists in the K-pop industry. The reason for the author’s exception was that BoA originally debuted as a soloist under SM, indicating that it preferred soloists from debut instead from a group.

The OP stated:

“JYP – Baek Yerin, Sunmi, Bae Suzy, Nayeon, Jihyo

YG – All members of BLACKPINK, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Song Mino

HYBE – Jungkook, V, Jimin, Zico

SM – There’s no one successful soloist (I can think of). BoA debuted as a solo artist (from the start), so I excluded her.”

JYP Entertainment Logo

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

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HYBE Labels

(Photo : HYBE Labels)

The author’s post and comparison generated many laughs from K-pop stans, especially Pink Bloods, who are fans of artists under SM Entertainment. The post was countered by bringing SNSD Taeyeon’s influence to the table, as well as SHINee Taemin, and EXO Baekhyun.

Read their reactions below:

  •  “Taeyeon’s solo releases can top all of the JYP solos.”
  •  “Wow, Taeyeon is so confused right now.”
  •  “What? I’m a fan of JYP Entertainment’s artists, but isn’t Taeyeon the top female soloist?”
  •  “You are so looking down on Taeyeon. This is just crazy. She’s a muggle pick and is successful enough to be IU’s rival too.”
  •  “There’s Taemin, Taeyeon, and Baekhyun though. What are you even saying?”
  •  “Taeyeon is so successful though.”
  •  “Is there even anyone who’s not aware of Taemin’s iconic ‘MOVE’ song?”

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EXO Baekhyun

(Photo : Facebook: EXO)

SM Entertainment is known for prioritizing talent, which says how many talented idols or groups are under the company. While all artists have their own charm to showcase and talent to display, SM is more renowned for harnessing performance quality with its idols.

This is evident with iconic groups like Girls’ Generation, EXO, TVXQ, SHINee, and many more, who have proven themselves as masters of the stage. Not only they can take over audiences by group but are also capable of giving fans a great time even in solo performances.

Girls' Generation /

(Photo : SNSD / Girls’ Generation)

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In a separate forum, fans defended SM Entertainment, and stated how generous the company was through giving nearly everyone solo opportunities. Others dismissed the post and concluded it as non-sensical.

  •  “You can say what you want about SM. It doesn’t change the fact how admirable the agency is for giving nearly everyone a solo, even with low demand.”
  •  “This is so true. Giving everyone solo opportunities is better than sending someone in a dungeon.”
  •  “Ignoring Taeyeon who literally outperforms the rest listed on that post is hilariously dumb.”
  •  “It’s obviously a post for clickbait.”

What are your thoughts on the OP’s post about SM soloists? Which soloists under SM are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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