Tang Wei Gushes Over ‘Wonderland’ Co-Stars Park Bo Gum, Suzy’s Chemistry: ‘It Was A Visual Treat’

Tang Wei expressed her delight in witnessing the on-screen chemistry of Park Bo Gum and Suzy in “Wonderland.”

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In an interview, the Chinese actress expressed a very relatable response to the duo’s team-up.

Tang Wei Gushes Over ‘Wonderland’ Co-Stars Suzy, Park Bo Gum

One of the most talked-about movies of 2024, “Wonderland” features a star-studded cast lineup and depicts an interesting story about reconnecting with loved ones. Joining Tang Wei in the film are top stars Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Bae Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Yoo Mi.

Tang Wei
Tang Wei

Hinting at what to expect in the upcoming movie, Tang Wei teased fans by mentioning the undeniable appeal that the characters have.

“Watching this movie was a feast for the eyes.”

She added how “beautiful” the couples were in the film. The award-winning actress also recalled the time when she got to see a promotional video featuring Suzy and Park Bo Gum for the first time.

“I watched it and thought, ‘Wow.’ How could they look so good together? It felt like a tonic for the eyes. It was a visual treat.”

Suzy, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Park Bo Gum Instagram)

Aside from her personal reaction to seeing the unique chemistry of the duo, Tang Wei also shared the Chinese fans’ huge response to their team-up.

According to her, Weibo, a popular social media app in China, was flooded with topics about Park Bo Gum and Suzy, with fans shipping them as a couple.

“People say they really look good together and hope they become a real couple. These kinds of comments are common. Even Chinese media are saying they hope the two become a couple.”

Tang Wei also added that she “particularly felt” the same way upon seeing them during filming.

“This is when they looked at each other while singing in the movie. I was like, ‘Wow.'”

‘Wonderland’ Cast, Release Date


Slated to hit the big screen on June 5, “Wonderland” is a sci-fi romance movie that depicts the story of individuals using a social media app called Wonderland to reconnect with their loved ones.

In the movie, Suzy takes on the role of Jung In, who uses the service to communicate with her boyfriend Tae Joo (Park Bo Gum), who is in coma.

Jung Yoo Mi portrays the role of the app’s senior planner, Hae Ri, who works alongside newcomer Hyun Soo, played by Choi Woo Shik, who is considered Wonderland’s architect.

Lastly, Tang Wei takes on the role of Bai Li, who uses the app to hide her death from her daughter.

“Wonderland” is directed and written by award-winning director Kim Tae Yong, who also helmed the acclaimed “Decision to Leave.”

Check out Tang Wei, Park Bo Gum, and Suzy’s “Wonderland” trailer below.