Tang Wei Recalled Acting As IU’s Daughter “IU In Fact Looks So Much Like My Mother”

The latest episode of “THE MMTG SHOW” was posted on the YouTube channel “MMTG” on June 13th featured Tang Wei, the lead actress of the newly released movie “Wonderland.”

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When asked about her appearance in IU’s “Shh…” music video, Tang Wei said, “They contacted me first. I was like, ‘Oh IU? I Will do it!’ She added, “I like IU. Her talent, her acting, her personality, everything. IU is so cute and pretty.”

IU appeared in the music video as Tang Wei’s mother when she was young. The scene where the two hugged each other was created thanks to Tang Wei’s ad-lib.

In response, Tang Wei said, “IU was looking at me, and her eyes contained too many stories. When I saw those eyes, I just wanted to hug her right away.” When host Jae-jae said, “So sweet. You’re guilty.” Tang Wei jokingly said, “IU’s eyes are guilty.”

Tang Wei continued, “I was looking at IU and saw my mom in her. So I went home and looked at all our old pictures. When she was young, her hair was really short and IU’s eyes were very similar to her eyes. As their images overlapped, I felt that they looked very similar.”

Meanwhile, Tang Wei recently worked with Suzy and Park Bo-gum in the movie “Wonderland.”