I was aware of Kim Soohyun’s rebel past but I was just turning a blind eye on it since it happened so long ago

But thinking about how he might’ve possibly dated someone 12 years his junior makes him look like such a disgusting ahjussi who is into lolis… I was enjoying Queen of Tears and had a positive image of him but I’m confused now…

I’m sure that this took a huge blow on his image and it’s even more so because his drama is airing right now. Just why did Kim Saeron do that?..ㅠ

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1. [+216, -1]

When you like a man and that there’s something bothering you, don’t turn a blind eye on it

2. [+164, -2]

Characteristic of kids who are crazy about men: they turn a blind eye on f*cking everything

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What did you expect from a thug?

4. [+67, -16]

Why do people even fall for guys like Kim Soohyun? His face isn’t even top-tier, and what’s so appealing about a thug who cleaned up his image with just one role? Seriously, do women have some kind of mental illness where they can’t distinguish between a drama and the lead and think that they are the same?

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She’s 12 years younger than him….. There are things that I can overlook even if he had a bad image but he’s viewing a kid who he’s known when she was a child with s*xual intent enough to want to date her which is just f*cking strange

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You can get an even bigger reality check