People are f*cking hating on him on Twitter calling them the same “level” as Jisoo and Ahn Bohyun

No but is Lee Jaewook really on the same level as Anh Bohyun….?

Lee Jaewook has no controversy and is only 2 years older than Karina

Seeing how he’s getting hated on for dating Karina breaks my heart

Even his acting is really good……….

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1. [+63, -15]

To be honest, Karina is a wall so anyone she dates will receive hate but if it’s Lee Jaewook, it’s actually fine

2. [+45, -2]

He’s exactly like Karina’s ideal typeㅋㅋ black hair + over 180 cm tall + big hands and feet + pretty smile + mannerly… that’s straight up Lee Jaewook. They match. Be happy

3. [+44, -6]

Lee Jaewook is the personification of a woman’s ideal type though. Is there even anything to hate him for? He was super popular in Extraordinary You and there were so many people who liked Lee Jaewook around me… They match

4. [+41, -3]

It’s because idol fans f*cking meddle with everything

5. [+31, -2]

I can’t believe that they are only 2 years apart. They look like they are 7 years apart