‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Episode 13: Shin Hyun Bin Bothered by Jung Woo Sung & Kim Ji Hyun’s Past

Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Bin) misunderstood Cha Jin Woo (Jung Woo Sung), and the emotional connection between the couple began to weaken in “Tell Me You Love Me” episode 13.

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‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Episode 13 Highlight

Tell Me You Love Me Still

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Song Seo Kyung’s (Kim Ji Hyun) involvement in Cha Jin Woo’s solo exhibition started to create problems in Jung Mo Eun and Cha Jin Woo’s relationship. 

Meanwhile, as she got closer again to Cha Jin Woo, Song Seo Kyung regretted her decision to leave him behind, which broke his heart years ago. Thus, now she is doing everything to make it up to him and forgive her. 

However, her recent interaction with him and a late-night visit to his home deeply bothered Jung Mo Eun. 

Song Seo Kyung & Cha Jin Woo’s Past Bothers Jung Mo Eun 

Tell Me You Love Me Still

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A flashback from Cha Jin Woo and Song Seo Kyung’s past was shown. It was when Seo Kyung was attacked by a stalker, which led to a fire accident. The scene cuts to the present where Jung Mo Eun was brokenhearted after she saw Seo Kyung entering Jin Woo’s house late at night. 

Later on, Jung Mo Eun left the place and her friend Jo Han (Lee Jae Kyun) escorted her home. 

Meanwhile, at Cha Jin Woo’s place, Song Seo Kyung expressed her feelings to him. She told him that she missed him. He calmly listened to her. After a few hours, she decided to leave. 

Jung Mo Eun Tries to Avoid Cha Jin Woo

Jin Woo checked his phone and saw that Jung Mo Eun texted him and called him in a rush earlier. He replied to her and asked if they could still talk. However, she was too upset to talk to him and ignored his messages. 

Tell Me You Love Me Still

(Photo : ENA Channel Instagram)

The following day, Jin Woo had a conversation with his friend Ki Hyun (Heo Joon Seok). Ki Hyun told him that Jung Mo Eun met him earlier to talk about how Jin Woo and Seo Kyung’s past had been bothering her, especially when she heard things about them from other people at the gallery.

Cha Jin Woo was quite unaware of what had been going on. Ki Hyun then advised him to talk to Jung Mo Eun and clear the misunderstandings. Later on, he tried to reach Mo Eun and talked about the unexpected visit of Seo Kyung last night. 

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Jung Mo Eun failed to understand him as she was still hurt from what she saw last night. Thus, she left without having a decent conversation with Jin Woo. The next day she returned to Jin Woo’s place to continue their conversation. 

Cha Jin Woo explained everything in writing. He told her that even though the scar from the fire accident was still there, it was all that was left from his past relationship with Song Seo Kyung and nothing else. 

Jung Mo Eun Worries Relationship With Cha Jin Woo

This gave Jung Mo Eun a momentary relief, but she was still not at ease.

Elsewhere, Jung Mo Eun filmed her new television series. Despite being nervous, she did a good job. Her friend, Jo Han was there and showed constant support. Later on, Jung Mo Eun broke down in front of Jo Han and expressed her concerns about her and Jin Woo’s relationship. 

Jung Mo Eun shared that she was afraid that the good and precious moments in their relationship might turn uncomfortable for her with time. 

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