Thai K-Pop fans join boycott against traveling to Korea due to stricter immigration standards

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 Article: “I’m no longer a K-Pop fan” reasons Thai fans are boycotting tourism in Korea

Source: KBS via Naver

[+332, -58] No need to pay any attention to or respond to this matter. Our immigration agents are doing a great job.

[+172, -15] There are 140,000 illegal Thai aliens in our country. They need to understand our perspective on this too. If they keep trying to turn this into a problem, they’re just going to force police to deport all the Thais already here right now.

[+85, -10] The immigration office is doing a fine job. Let’s keep it up~ fighting!

[+62, -4] Then don’t be a K-Pop fan? Do you think we’ll be scared of that or something? Why wouldn’t our country be doing something about all of the illegal aliens here? Especially when they’re bringing drugs in too? 

[+41, -10] So why are you overstaying illegally then?

[+15, -0] Did we ever ask you to be K-pop fans? You probably only became a fan because of Lisa~ please just take Lisa back with you~

[+13, -2] Pretty sure there are more Koreans who visit Thailand for vacation than the other way around. I wonder which country has more to lose if you boycott us like this? 

[+9, -0] I’m sad that this is happening to them but the Thai government needs to take responsibility of the illegal aliens negatively affecting these other countries

[+8, -0] Stop and think for a second how many illegal aliens that we’ve had to deal with from Thailand that we’ve had no choice but to get stricter with admissions? Shouldn’t you be telling your own people to do better? I understand that being held to such stricter standards would make me angry too but our country is not the only one with strict standards. The US is even stricter. Even celebrities have to deal with delays and anxiety because of how strict they are. Please look at this issue from an objective view.

[+4, -0] Out of the population of illegal aliens in our country, 78% of them are Thai. That means only 2 out of 10 tourists are here on vacation and the remaining 8 stay to do illegal jobs. 

[+4, -0] That’s okay, you don’t have to come. Imagine how many illegal aliens we’ve had to deal with that we’re now asking you guys not to come. Think of what you’ve done for it to have gotten to this point. 

[+4, -0] I understand that illegal aliens are an issue but I have seen especially harsher treatment against Thai people while traveling by plane myself. I’ve even seen some Thai people crying on the plane back… It’s a complex issue because even the innocent people are being treated like this~~