‘The 8 Show’ Director Reveals Reason for Casting Bae Sung Woo Amid Past Controversy

“The 8 Show” director spilled the truth behind the casting of Bae Sung Woo, despite the past controversy he faced. 

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Following the popularity of the new Netflix K-drama, the public is digging into the actor’s issue after being involved in a drunk driving incident. 

In “The 8 Show,” Bae Sung Woo portrayed the role of Noh Sang Gook, a.k.a., the 1st floor guy who works as a clown. 

The 8 Show
(Photo : Netflix)

During the interview, director Han Jae Rim dished on the experience and process of filming the series. 

In addition to this, the director also mentioned how they came up with the casting selection. 

‘The 8 Show’ Director Casted Bae Sung Woo Despite His Drunk Driving Incident

Prior to the official release of “The 8 Show,” the mystery-thriller K-drama faced criticism for including Bae Sung Woo as one of the main cast members. 

Bae Sung Woo
(Photo : Netflix )

According to director Han Jae Rim, he was convinced to include the actor despite the controversy he faced because he thinks “the character fits so well” to him. 

“I didn’t know if this would be Bae Sung Woo’s comeback film, and I knew there were other works.”

He added that there were some apprehensions initially but that he still chose to cast the actor because of his skills. 

“I had nothing to do other than bring back Bae Sung Woo.”

Han Jae Rim continued to express why he recruited the controversial actor despite his involvement in the drunk driving incident back in 2021. 

The director mentioned that he “liked Bae Sung Woo’s acting” and that he did a great job as an actor. 

“I thought that among Bae Sung Woo’s acting, compassion was the one that best suited the role on the first floor,”

He referenced his role as the first floor guy. 

“At the same time, I wanted him to convey a sad feeling and respect as well. Since I did a play, I thought I had to pay more attention to the acting and expression of the limp.”

Bae Sung Woo’s DUI Incident

In 2021, the actor went under investigation for a DUI incident in Gangnam, Seoul. Authorities also asked Bae Sung Woo for a fine of 7 million KRW, or 6,381.42 USD, on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act. 

Unfortunately, because of the controversy, he decided to step down from the drama “Delayed Justice” midway through the filming. His decision also caused major inconvenience to the production since they had to replace him as the lead star. 

Interestingly, the role went to Jung Woo Sung, who played the role of a reporter named Park Sam Woo.