‘The 8 Show’ Episodes 1 and 2: Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Joo Young, More Take Part in a Mysterious Challenge

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Netflix introduced a new thrilling K-drama, “The 8 Show,” featuring a group of people who are set to go on a mysterious quest.

Headlined by Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Joo Young, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jeong Min, Lee Yeol Eum, Park Hae Joon, Moon Jung Hee, and Bae Sung Woo, they jump into a high-stakes survival game where time is considered the most valuable thing on earth.

Based on the popular webtoon “Money Game,” the new Netflix series is penned and written by Han Jae Rim of “The King” and “Emergency Declaration.”

Similar to the hit Netflix K-drama “Squid Game,” the story featured eight participants who were cash-trapped and were invited to play a mind-boggling quest.

Each participant has a chance to win a huge cash prize of 32,983,860 USD (44.8 billion won), but the catch is they have to survive the task within concrete walls for 100 days.

‘The 8 Show’ Episode 1: Will the Participants Successfully Figure Out the Rules?

The drama opens with Bae Ji Soo running away from loan sharks.

He narrates that working multiple jobs like convenience store attendants and cleaning out building windows won’t be enough to pay off his debt. This means that he has to work all his life to clear out his debt.

This results in Ji Soo planning to end his life.

However, just as he plans on jumping off the bridge, he receives a text message with a message that says, “I want to buy your time.”

Intrigued by the message, Jin Soo received a hefty deposit into his bank account.

He got an invitation to join a show and was fetched by a limousine.

For Bae Ji Soo, he thought that he had nothing left to lose and was close to ending his life, so it might be worth the shot.

Upon entering a theater-like stage, he was greeted by a list of rules along with a numbered card.

He chose 3 randomly and was instructed to proceed to the third floor.

Upon reading the rules, he figured out that spending time inside the room would earn him a huge amount, but asking for things like a blanket, a pillow, or breaking the rules would cost him a fortune.

The next day, he heard a voice calling him from room 3.

Upon opening the door, he meets fellow participants, all eight of them.

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One is a male who suffers from limps, two is a fierce female who disgrace injustice, and three is Bae Jin Soo.

Four is the female participant who always whines, while Five is the former nurse and the peacemaker.

Six is the logical choice among the group, while seven and eight are the male thug and the pampered princess, respectively.

‘The 8 Show’ Episode 2: Participants Figure Out a System

The second episode showcased how the participants differ from one another and the significance of choosing the number.

The group figured out that the higher the floor, the higher the rate per minute.

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While the first floor only makes 10,000 won per minute, which is the lowest, the eighth floor earns a whopping 340,000 won per minute. This somehow illustrates the social class within the group.

Another significant detail that the group noticed was how to increase the number of times at the common area.

As the members went ballistic after eight purchased new sets of clothes, she explained that they needed to go up and down the stairs to increase their time in the lobby.

At this point, I figured out that he was the odd one out because of his limp.

Due to this, 3 and 2 covered him, but he figured out his new purpose within the group, which is to take the garbage from each floor and place it on his.

However, because of some misunderstandings, they couldn’t avoid conflicts. But what surprised them was the number of hours added to their time.

Just when they thought that they’d figured out the ins and outs, it seemed like the gamekeepers were looking for conflicts.

This means that the bigger the issue, the more time it takes for them.