‘The 8 Show’ Episodes 3 and 4: Chun Woo Hee, Park Hae Joon Add an Unexpected Twist to the Game

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“The 8 Show” episodes 3 and 4 delivered a sudden twist with how the participants wanted to stir up the challenge.

Based on the popular webtoons “Money Game” and “Pie Game,” Netflix introduced a new thriller mystery K-drama that focuses on the eight participants’ experience in a high-stakes game.

The selected eight were placed under extreme circumstances by being trapped inside a building with cameras watching their every move.

For 100 days, they were tested on who would be the last one to survive the game, and they could divide the winning prize of 32,919,515 or 44.8 billion won among themselves.

The catch here is that time plays a significant role, and they could earn as much by staying and entertaining the audience.

“The 8 Show” cast includes Ryu Jun Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Hae Joon, Lee Joon Young, Park Jeong Min, Lee Yeol Eum, Bae Sung Woo, and Moon Jung Hee as the lead stars.

‘The 8 Show’ Episode 3: ‘The Great Vote for the Bathroom’

One of the most challenging parts of being on The 8 Show is dealing with your personal business, which includes pooping and peeing.

Since there’s no bathroom inside the facility or even in their rooms, they have to be creative in dealing with it.

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In the past episode, participants sent their waste to the 1st floor; however, since it’s the room with the least space, it became filled with dirt.

To exercise fairness, the group decides to vote for who should be the next one. Interestingly, the most votes went to the 3rd and 8th floors, but the dealbreaker voted for the latter, which made her room the next “bathroom.”

However, she decides to skip the results and locks herself in the room.

Apart from this, she sent empty containers of food and water to the respective floors to show that she opposed the result. Unfortunately, it left fellow participants starving to death.

To appease this, the 3rd and 4th floors decided to be the next “bathroom,” but it was only the 3rd floor that ended up taking all the trash.

At this point, the group realized that 8th was the most powerful among them.

‘The 8 Show’ Episode 4: 6th and 8th Floor Shakes Things Up

Now that the group knew who was the most powerful participant, they wanted to please her by acting as her servants.

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Meanwhile, the 8th floor suggests an exciting game to garner more time, and that is by playing a game called Kings.

The participants will randomly select a ball, and whoever gets the letter “K” becomes the king.

The chosen ones need to perform whatever the king says.

One of the games included violence, where she selected the 6th floor and 2nd floor to make out, but she chose to fight instead.

Initially, the 2nd-floor professional fighter was winning the game but ended up spraining her hand.

The 6th floor won the game, leaving the 6th floor girl half dead.

With a plan to spice up the challenge, the 4th floor suggests using a taser as punishment.

Unfortunately for the 3rd floor, he ends up being tased after he refuses to grope the 5th floor’s body.

The 6th floor was the second to experience the tasing, which left her unconscious.

Meanwhile, the 1st floor figured out that the upper floors were rigging the game, hence why they were able to pick the king multiple times.

As for the last round, the 1st floor picked the king, which made him choose the participants for the challenge that he wanted.

Interestingly, he picked the flip-the-coin challenge and randomly chose the 8th and 7th floors.

Surprisingly, the 8th floor was picked, being the one followed by the 7th floor.

Initially, she wanted to end the game, but the 3rd and 2nd floors strongly opposed it, calling out for fairness and transparency in the game.

As the 7th floor guy was about to be tased by the 8th, the 5th floor knocked him out, and the one who ended up being tased was 7th.