The 8 Show Korean Drama Review (2024)

The 8 Show Korean Drama

Network:   Netflix

Episode: 8

Genre:  Drama, Dark comedy

Aired Day: Friday (May 17, 2024)

Grade: A++

The 8 Show Korean Drama is about eight people who are fed up with their lives because of money-related issues and are given a second chance to improve their lives by earning money every minute. This show is based on the Pie Game and Naver webtoons Money Game by Bae Jin-soo.

Main Characters:

Ryu Jun-yeol as 3rd Floor

His friend conned him and became bankrupt plus he has taken a large amount of loans and loan sharks are hunting him. He is a kind person.

Chun Woo-hee as 8th Floor

Chun Woo-hee as 8th Floor

She is an artist but is facing a downfall in her career and has become bankrupt. She is a cruel and psycho person who thinks about herself only.

Park Jeong-min as 7th Floor

He is a kind, intelligent, and helpful person. He is facing a downfall in his career and is divided to join this game.

Lee Yul-eum as 4th Floor

Lee Yul-eum as 4th Floor

She wants to be a government official but due to some issues, she is working in a parking lot as a group.

Park Hae-joon as 6th Floor

He was a famous baseball player but because of his gambling habits, he was disowned by the team. Later he started working as a thug and killed his boss. He is the cruelest person of all.

Lee Zoo-young as 2nd Floor

Lee Zoo-young as 2nd Floor

She is so much into working out and fights well. She is in the game because she needs money for someone else’s operation. Before her, she thinks about others’ situations even if they are evil.

Moon Jeong-hee as 5th Floor

She is a nurse and her husband is cheating on her so she decides to find love somewhere else but unfortunately, she meets a con artist and loses all her husband’s money. She is here to earn that money back.

Bae Seong-woo as 1st Floor

Bae Seong-woo as 1st Floor

He is a joker at the circus and his daughter is terminally ill and he is there to earn money for her operation.

Highlights of The 8 Show Korean Drama

The eight Floors:

The eight participants decided and each one of them was given a chance to select a number between 1 to 8 and the numbers they choose are their respective rooms. Floor 2 is better than floor 1, floor 3 is better than floor 2, and so on. Their per minute wages are also decided in the same manner floor 8 is earning more than floor 7 and Floor 7 is earning more than floor 6.


The 8 Show Korean Drama Review (2024)

First they have to stay in their room from midnight to 8 a.m. Second, they cannot bring anything outside their room. There was a lift which went only downwards. They cannot hide cameras and if they need anything they can get by calling in a number and have to pay 100 times more. The major rule is if someone dies in the show then the show will stop that moment.

Race to get time:

Only 24 hours were given to them but something happened and time increased they all worked together to know why this was happening. They concluded that climbing the stairs could get them more time but they were wrong only entertainment would get them more time and floor 7 decided this. Now they are doing various activities to get more time.


The 8 Show Korean Drama Review (2024)

Everyone came to know that every floor is earning different amounts per minute and then floor 1 asked if he could change the room. The amount of changing the room was 1 billion won so he wanted to earn that much and leave the show with floor 8 money.


Floors 8,6, and 4 made one team and while playing the game they started manipulating the result so that they could be saved from the punishment. Later they take floor 7 on their side by threatening him. Now together they are exploiting the other four. But they planned to make them pay for what they did and floor 7 helped them. They tied up floors 8,6, and 4 in their respective rooms.

Good days end:

The 8 Show Korean Drama Review (2024)

Floors 1,2,3,5, and 8 together decide to leave when time ends and if floor 1 needs more money then floor 2 will give the amount. But because of floor 1 greed and desire to take revenge ended their good days. The floor 5 person is so kind for this and she freed floors 8,6, and 4 now they again started torturing the other 5. Things like this keep on happening and in the end floor 1 died.

Overall Thoughts on The 8 Show Korean Drama

This one is must must-watch if you like survival dramas and if you are afraid of physical harassment and all then stay away from this. The acting of all the eight people is top notch especially the floor 8 she did justice to her role.

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