‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 10: Chun Woo Hee Tries to Change Jang Ki Yong’s Tragic Future

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Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) learned about Bok Gwi Ju’s (Jang Ki Yong) tragic fate and tried to change it in “The Atypical Family” Episode 10.

‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 10: Bok Gwi Ju Lives Happily With Do Da Hae

Do Da Hae was astonished by Bok Man Heum’s prophecy that she had a dream of Bok Gwi Ju dying while saving her 13 years ago. She then told the woman that she didn’t need to worry as she would make Gwi Ju happy.

The Atypical Family
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After he married Da Hae, Gwi Ju dreamed of living happily with his family. He expressed his affection for her and said that he wanted to do the wedding again and return to the past to save her. Da Hae then confronted him and advised him to take things slowly.

The two shared more lovely moments where Gwi Ju always reminded Da Hae that he would risk his life just to save her.

Do Da Hae Dies While On A Trip

The couple went on a trip. However, while on their way, Da Hae accidentally turned the steering wheel while Gwi Ju suddenly traveled in the past and found himself trapped under the water while Da Hae went missing.

The Atypical Family
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He tried to look for her but failed. He tried to go back to the past again but was unable to use his superpowers, just like what happened to him before. Gwi Ju shed tears with the confusion of whether Da Hae was still alive or not.

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Elsewhere, Dong Hee (Soo Hyun) who knew about Gwi Ju’s scheduled death in the future concluded that Gwi Ju might not die because of Da Hae’s death, but her statement didn’t help her grieving brother.

Bok Gwi Ju Grieves for the Missing Do Da Hae

Man Heum consoled her son and said that their abilities were from their ancestors and there were reasons why it was lost. She suggested that they should adapt to reality and just live a normal life.

Meanwhile, Bok Gwi Ju found a vehicle that had been in an accident at a junkyard. He firmly believed that Do Da Hae was alive as his mother had another dream about it. On the other hand, Bok In (Park So Yi) cheered on his dad and shared good things about Do Da Hae and how she helped their family to regain their powers.

Do Da Hae Sacrifices Herself to Save Bok Gwi Ju

Fueled by his daughter’s encouragement, he went back to the past where he and Da Hae were hugging each other in bed. There he warned her not to go on a trip. Afterward, when she spent more time with Gwi Ju and Ina, she pretended not to see him in the future.

Ina was suspicious of Da Hae’s actions as she knew about the accident. Ina went to Hyung Tae (Choi Gwang Rok) and asked for the truth if Da Hae was alive. He then informed Ina of the truth through his eyes.

It was revealed that Do Da Hae’s accident was planned with the help of Hyung Tae. To save Gwi Ju, she changed his tragic death.

Later on, with Bok Ina’s help, Bok Gwi Ju found Da Hae. He chased after her and confronted why she was running away from him. She was heartbroken and said she already died and he couldn’t be next to her, he should have been next to Bok Ina.

In response, Gwi Ju pleads for her to stay as he can’t live without her. He then found out Da Hae’s feelings and hugged her. The two who were trying to save each other had an emotional conversation and ended the episode with a tearful kiss.

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