‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 11: Will Jang Ki Yong Be Able To Save Chun Woo Hee?

With his fateful encounter with Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee), will Bok Gwi Ju be able to change their destiny? Here’s what happened in “The Atypical Family” Episode 11.

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‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 11: Do Da Hae Prevents Bok Man Heum’s Precognitive Dream To Happen

Do Da Hae discovered the secret of Bok Man Heum’s precognitive dream due to what happened to Bok Dong Hee. Da Hae asked Dong Hee to tell her but Man Heum dissuaded her and said that her own dream is a curse that would send her children to hell.

The Atypical Family
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Da Hae decided to change the thinking of the Bok family, who regarded their superpowers as curse rather than a blessing. She first went to George Han to prevent Man Heum’s dream from becoming reality. She urged him to give up on getting married, but he refused.

Interestingly, Gace Kang joined her in the operation. They successfully recovered the money Dong Hee lent to George.

Eventually, Bok Dong Hee learned about this. George, who was devastated by what they did, pushed Grace out of the window, and Dong Hee flew into the sky to save her. She shed tears of joy at having found her true self, something she had longed for.

The Bok Dong Hee that Man Heum saw in her dream was a happy woman, shedding tears of happiness.

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Do Da Hae realized that what Man Heum saw in her dreams were not everything. Dong Hee was able to avoid misfortune. She said that one should prepare to make dreams come true rather than waiting for the future.

Bok Gwi Ju Spends Time With Bok Ina

The Atypical Family
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Meanwhile, Bok Gwi Ju brought happiness to his daughter, Bok Ina (Park So Yi). They went to the zoo to fulfill the promise he made seven years ago. However, the zoo was about to close already, and Bok Ina was disappointed.

Gwi Ju seemed to have made up his mind and hurriedly purchased tickets and ran into the zoo holding Ina’s hand. He expressed his sincerity by cheering her up saying that there’s always a next time.

Bok Ina, who knew that her father was dying and was afraid that there will be no next time, had changed.

Bok Gwi Ju Attempts to Change the Future

And the fateful hour came for Bok Gwi Ju.

He went back in time to Do Da Hae’s childhood, when she was teased by children for not being able to ride a bicycle. He was with her during the happiest moment of her life, but something unexpected happened.

The Atypical Family
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A red spot appeared in his neck, which signaled that his last moment had arrived. He went back to the present and it was heartbreaking to see him hiding his wounds and pretending nothing was wrong in order not to destroy his family’s happiness.

Attention is focused on whether Do Da Hae will be able to prevent Bok Gwi Ju’s death like how she saved Bok Dong Hee from her marriage, and whether Gwi Ju be able to go back to that day 13 years ago to save Do Da Hae and return safely.

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