‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 12: Is It Happy Ending for Jang Ki Yong & Chun Woo Hee?

Were Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong) and Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) able to change their fate? Here’s what happened in the much-anticipated “The Atypical Family” Episode 12!

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‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 12: Bok Gwi Ju Returns To The Past To Save Do Da Hae

On the day Bok Ina (Park So Yi) went to a dance competition with her friends, George Han (Choi Seung Yoon), who had been asking Dong Hee (Claudia Kim) to marry her, threw oil as a threat and started a fire.

The Atypical Family
Chun Woo Hee | “The Atypical Family” still

Dong Hee said she would never use her power to fly in order to save her brother Gwi Ju, but she ended up using it to protect people, and Do Da Hae wrapped her body around Ina to protect her from the collapsing set.

The moment the two were in danger, Gwi Ju appeared and supported the stage set so they could escape. Da Hae shouted at him to get out quickly but Gwi Ju refused as he was going to die there anyway. It was the sacrifice he wanted to make to protect and save Do Da Hae.

After Do Da Hae and Bok Ina escaped safely, the stage set collapsed and Gwi Ju returned 13 years ago. He time-slipped to the hospital where Ina was born and thanked his late wife for giving him Ina.

The Atypical Family
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Later on, the insurmountable boundary of the hospital disappeared, and Gwi Ju ran to the school to save Do Da Hae.

Gwi Ju, who met his late colleague, was angry about his death, but soon set out to find Da Hae.

Gwi Ju, who rescued Da Hae, was trapped alone in the warehouse and shared an emotional statement about their fateful meeting in the future.

He put the ring on Do Da Hae’s hand, and said, “Until then, don’t lose it. Please keep it.”

He added, “Don’t forget. It’s not the end. It’s the beginning.”

Then, he pushed Da Hae onto the safety air mat.

Bok Gwi Ju, Do Da Hae’s Fateful Encounter Embarks A New Beginning

However, in reality, Gwi Ju disappeared and Man Heum held a funeral without a body as she dreamed. Da Hae, who thought it was not the end, was living with her family and raising her and Gwi Ju’s son.

She was still waiting for Gwi Ju and learned that her son’s supernatural power was the ability to bring back something from the past. She asked her son if he could bring back the person she lost 18 years ago and showed Gwi Ju’s photo.

When her son played ball without answering, Da Hae was about to leave the room, but turned around and saw Gwi Ju standing there, holding their son’s hand tightly.

Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae reunited through fate and had a happy ending.

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