‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 2: Did Jang Ki Yong Regain His Superpower?

A miraculous change came to Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong). He also started to get closer to Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) in “The Atypical Family” Episode 2.

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‘The Atypical Family’ Episode 2: Do Da Hae Lends Helping Hand to Bok Gwi Ju

The episode began with Bok Gwi Ju returning to the department store to buy a gift for his daughter Bok Ina. On his way, he ran into Do Da Hae.

As Gwi Ju couldn’t escape from the past, his relationship with his daughter became distant.

The Atypical Family
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Da Hae offered to help him find a present, but she received a cold rejection.

In the end, she was able to buy a gift, which Gwi Ju was still hesitant to accept. Then, an unexpected incident occurred. A fire alarm went off at the department store.

Do Da Hae, who was traumatized by the fire, trembled in fear, and someone approached to help her.

She regained consciousness, but Gwi Ju already disappeared.

Bok Gwi Ju Grateful to Do Da Hae for Taking Care of Bok Ina

Elsewhere, Bok Man Heum (Go Doo Shim) arranged a private drinking party for Gwi Ju and Da Hae, but the two left in an uncomfortable state. At that time, Noh Hyung Tae followed Bok Ina and decided to keep a close eye on her, who would be an important key for Gwi Ju and Da Hae’s marriage.

The Atypical Family
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

She was taken aback by the stranger and tried to call her family. The last person she called was her father, and Da Hae was the one who answered since Gwi Ju was drunk. She woke him up.

Feeling guilty about leaving his daughter alone, and feeling ashamed of being an incompetent father, Gwi Ju rushed to see Bok Ina, staggering around.

He saw Noh Hyun Tae wandering around the place where Bok Ina hid. He exchanged punches with him despite being drunk. Hyun Tae then exchanged glances with Da Hae as the two were accomplices, trying to get the Bok family’s trust.

Bok Ina felt anxious after hearing the voice of her dad as he might scold her. Do Da Hae, on the other hand, noticed Bok Ina’s situation, who had just started her first period, and took care of her problem on behalf of her father.

Meanwhile, a subtle change occurred on Gwi Ju’s face as he looked at his daughter, who smiled shyly at Da Hae’s congratulations. He was grateful to Do Da Hae for taking care of the things he could not do.

In that way, Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae became one step closer. He suggested having a drink with her-there the two had a conversation, and he told her to stop thanking him. However, Da Hae’s words made Gwi Ju wonder.

Bok Gwi Ju Able To Return To The Past

He was taken aback by Da Hae’s unforgettable story, where she held his hands when the fire alarm at the department store went off. She said that it might be Gwi Ju from the past, but he just shrugged it off, and even though he was able to return to the past, he wouldn’t be able to hold hands with just anyone.

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After they parted ways, Da Hae’s story occupied Gwi Ju’s mind. He knew that his superpower would not work, but he closed his eyes and faced something he couldn’t have imagined.

The scene of the department store where he met Do Dae Hae unfolded before his eyes. He saw everything that Da Hae said, at that time, everything was black and white, but Do Da Hae stood out as she appeared in vivid colors.

The Atypical Family
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

He miraculously returned to the past and regained his ability for a short time.

Anticipation arises whether Bok Gwi Ju will fully regain his power with the help of Do Da Hae.

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