“The Auditors” Unveils Teasers of Lee Jung Ha

Lee Jung Ha suits up as an emotional member of an audit team in his new series.

The Auditors premieres in July and follows an audit team at a construction company plagued by embezzlement, corruption, and frequent accidents.

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Lee Jung Ha embodies Goo Han-soo, a new audit team member who values trust in people. Goo Han-soo is an optimistic young man with a positive outlook on life, characterized by his kindness to the weak and resilience against the strong.

He was raised with a lot of love by his parents, who were an office couple, and was an extremely positive young man who only saw the world as beautiful. Thanks to his dream of becoming a white hacker during his school days, operating a computer was a piece of cake. He is working hard in the audit team, dreaming of being appointed to the Florida branch of JU Construction, where work and rest coexist.

While doing audit work with the hope of being able to move to the Florida branch if he lasted just three years, a new team leader, Shin Cha-il (Shin Ha Kyun), came to the audit team, and a wind of change began to happen.

The released photo shows the change process of Goo Han-soo, a new employee who always looked at people with a smile. With the emergence of a new audit team leader, he will stand in the middle of the storm.

In this way, Goo Han-soo’s growth period, which will be reborn as a full-fledged audit team member, will be captured by the unique pure energy of Lee Jung Ha.

The Auditors

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama The Auditors will premiere in July, following The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.