“The Bionic Life” Left Viewers Wanting More After Its Premiere

Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, The Bionic Life made its exciting launch!

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The Bionic Life (仿生人间) opens with a bang! With its intricate and mysterious plot, it has not only sparked curiosity among viewers but had also received compliments from the official media agency on its interesting theme.
Starring Song Weilong (宋威龙) and Wen Qi (文淇), The Bionic Life offers a distinct storyline in each chapter. Together, they explore the integration and conflicts between androids and humans. Viewers have praised the well-executed plot twists, pacing, and the use of minimal filler scenes–the gripping narratives have kept the viewers on the edge.

A whole storyline welcomed the audience in the premiering episode, developing the story between the android mother, Chen Xinhui (starring Liu Lin 刘琳), and her human son, which left many audiences with mixed emotions. Due to her busy schedule, the human form of Chen Xinhui purchased an android that looks exactly like her but was instilled with an “initial obsession” to take utmost care of her son.

As the story unfolds, the android starts developing thoughts of replacing her and even torturing and killing her, needing her human son to take the blame on behalf of her which made the plot even more captivating and left many in shock over the revelation.

However, the final straw was when her onscreen son said, “I just didn’t want to lose yet another mother” which sent fans into an uncontrollable sob and heartbreak over the sorrow expressed by the young boy and the remorse and confusion he was in. In this chapter where “Impersonation but not in the form of love” takes over as the android seems to have developed feelings for the child, she was taking care of, the audience couldn’t help but wonder if these androids had their own feelings, or would they only experience what they were programmed to feel.

In the second chapter, Song Ningfeng (宋宁峰) received high praise for his dual role portrayal. He plays both the unfaithful husband Guan Xu and the android who is deeply in love with his wife. Viewers commended him for perfectly capturing the complexity of this character and delivering a highly emotive performance. Viewers shared that, “the emotional and ethical dilemmas arising from androids added depth to the series, making it more real.”

Not only so, many have also expressed their grudge and anger on behalf of his onscreen wife who not only had to endure his unfaithfulness but also the violence he showed her during their marriage.

This grudge has even led to them not feeling a tinge of pity towards his death and was even rightful. Despite both taking on dual roles, both the highly experienced actors Liu Lin and Song Ningfeng showed perfect portrayals of their respective roles, attracting much anticipation for the rest of the star-studded cast’s appearance and the way they would act out their own roles.

A drama with a theme of androids is not common. It has even received compliments from the Chinese CCTV Entertainment Channel for its unique theme.

Using android technology as an angle, The Bionic Life explores the various emotions that arise, relating to humanity, love, and kinship. In the two chapters shown in the first few episodes, the audience could already feel the connection and healing between people or to put it more accurately, humans and technology.

The development of androids has also spotlighted human’s pursuit of perfection and reflects on impossible imaginations. Some have even shared their own discussion about humans having their own individual pros and cons.

As the audience uncovers the deeper meaning behind each chapter and character, they can also reflect on the human race itself just like how “Be a proper and good person” was also the tagline used by the cast and CCTV when promoting the series.

Androids become prevalent in our lives when humans start acting on their desire on obsession on fulfilling their needs when it comes to love, kinship, friendship and more. The Bionic Life’s plot tells the story of a future world where humans have invented androids that are
psychologically similar to humans.

The only difference is that the former can be instilled with an “initial obsession”. Due to the rapid advancement of this industry, many have started using androids for illegal purposes instead.

As a result, the government had to step out to entirely forbid the production and existence of such androids and at the same time, form the “Ming Mou Genetics Research Centre” to dig out the existing androids who have hidden themselves well between the human race.

The Bionic Life

Led by their team leader Wan Guofeng (starring Zu Feng 祖峰), investigators Cheng Nuo (starring Song Weilong) and An Qiu (starring Wen Qi) begin their job. From being enemies to finding chemistry with each other while working on cases, their secrets will slowly surface.

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