The BOYZ Reveals Bizarre Latecomer Punishment, ‘Unofficial Roles’ Within the Group

In their recent appearance on the “Zach Sang Show,” K-pop sensation THE BOYZ offered an intriguing glimpse into their group dynamics, shedding light on the roles and responsibilities that help them function as a cohesive unit.

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The eleven-member group sat down with radio host Zach Sang, marking the largest K-pop ensemble he has hosted on his renowned program.

THE BOYZ Unveils Teamwork Secrets

As the conversation unfolded, THE BOYZ shared insights into how they manage their teamwork and individual contributions.

Eric, one of the members, highlighted the crucial role played by their leader, Sangyeon, in keeping the group on course and guiding them through the challenges of their journey.

Additionally, the main dancers of the group, Q and Juyeon, were acknowledged for their pivotal roles in leading performances.

Eric went on to mention Sangyeon, Kevin, New, and Jacob as vocal-line members responsible for monitoring live performances.


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He also humorously mentioned his involvement in managing the group’s schedules, alongside Jacob and Kevin, who are affectionately dubbed the “Google Translate” line for their role in translating the group’s responses into English.

Jacob revealed that within the group, there exist “unofficial roles,” citing himself and New as prime examples.

New, it seems, has taken on the unofficial responsibility of selecting gifts for staff members, a role that adds a personal touch to their interactions.

In contrast, Jacob’s unofficial role involves managing members who arrive late for their schedules.

A noteworthy twist in their revelation was the unusual punishment imposed on members who fail to adhere to their schedules promptly-latecomers are required to pay fines.

Jacob confirmed the existence of this unconventional consequence, suggesting that it serves as an effective deterrent against tardiness. In jest, he humorously quipped that if not for these fines, the members would “always” be late.


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Eric emphasized that the group’s familiarity with each other’s strengths and abilities allows them to strike a harmonious balance in their respective roles.

The intriguing peek into THE BOYZ’s inner workings provides fans with a deeper understanding of the camaraderie and discipline that underpin their remarkable success.

Meanwhile, in a recent episode of “The K-Star Next Door,” hosted by the versatile TV personality and actor Jonathan Thona, K-pop sensations THE BOYZ’s Younghoon, Eric, and Sunwoo took center stage.