THE BOYZ Sunwoo & RIIZE Sohee’s ‘Itchy’ Stage Outfit Draws Mixed Reactions: ‘It’s like SpongeBob’s lashes’

Netizens gave mixed reactions towards Sunwoo and Sohee’s “itchy” stage outfit, which made a comeback across online communities.

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K-pop Community Draws Mixed Reactions on THE BOYZ Sunwoo & RIIZE Sohee’s ‘Itchy’ Stage Outfit

The outfit became the center of discussion among netizens.

On September 17, fans established a forum and talked about THE BOYZ Sunwoo’s previous “LIP GLOSS” stage outfit, which made a comeback appearance with Sohee of RIIZE. The author also titled the post, “This looks like a loofah, but it turns out it’s 1 million Won.”

It was also accompanied by the caption, “Please get rid of this.” See the photos below:

THE BOYZ Sunwoo & RIIZE Sohee's 'Itchy' Stage Outfit Draws Mixed Reactions: 'It's like SpongeBob's lashes'

(Photo : pann.nate)

THE BOYZ Sunwoo & RIIZE Sohee's 'Itchy' Stage Outfit Draws Mixed Reactions: 'It's like SpongeBob's lashes'

(Photo : pann.nate)

Netizens voiced out their unfiltered thoughts on the outfit worn by the two fourth-gen idols. However, the reactions were mixed, since the clothing flaunted an unusual design.

On Sunwoo’s side, most compliments were positive due to the outfit being “saved” by his captivating visuals. Read their comments below:

  •  “Sunwoo is indeed handsome (with it).”
  •  “I don’t think the issue lies in the clothing itself.”
  •  “If you ran out of loofah, you could consider using this as a replacement by trimming it little by little.”
  •  “Honestly, what makes the outfit survive is because of Kim Sunwoo’s face.”
  •  “Looking at it like that, Kim Sunwoo is handsome.”


Meanwhile, Sohee received most of the criticism because of how the outfit was accompanied by a shirt interior wear. Some blamed SM Entertainment for giving Sohee such “unpleasant” styling. They commented:

  •  “THE BOYZ dude wore it okay in their summer concept, but the RIIZE guy looked terrible because of the shirt underneath.”
  •  “Among all members, SM really gave that sweater to Sohee as if that wouldn’t get K-netz going on and on about it.”

(Photo : Instagram: @riize_official)

Others simply voiced out their dissatisfaction with the outfit’s design and hoped that it wouldn’t become a fashion trend in the K-pop industry.

  •  “It’s an awful vest. While it suits THE BOYZ’s Christmas theme, I hope it doesn’t become a trend in idol styling.”
  •  “It looks downright itchy.”
  •  “It’s like clothing made from SpongeBob’s eyelashes.”
  •  “How did this piece of kitchen scrubber get past two different stylists?”
  •  “It does look itchy and no wonder they had to give it a layer up with another top. It’s ugly, but I can’t grasp how it shows ‘fashion.'”

In other news, RIIZE made their official debut on September 4 with their first digital single “Get A Guitar.” They have also pre-released their side track “Memories” on August 21.

THE BOYZ also returned with “[Phantasy] Pt. 1 Christmas in August” and the title track “LIP GLOSS” on August 7.

What are your thoughts on Sunwoo and Sohee’s unconventional stage getup? Let us know in the comments below!

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