‘The CEO’s daughter is participating in an audition program. Please vote for her”

Hello, beloved employees. This is XXX, the head of the General Affairs Team.

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The daughter of our CEO, Miss XXX, is currently appearing on the Mnet audition program ‘I-LAND 2,’ which is being broadcasted. We kindly ask all employees to participate in the audition voting to support her debut.

1. Date: From May 3rd (Friday) to May 12th (Sunday)

2. Eligibility: All employees

3. Please make sure to vote once a day starting from May 3rd (Friday).

4. For detailed instructions on how to vote, please refer to attachment 1.

The keyword ‘I-LAND 2 Power Abuse Incident’ is spreading on online communities and SNS on the 9th. It is reported that employees of a company run by the trainee’s father are being mobilized to help the trainee gain votes. 

In another post, it was mentioned, “This is my first job. I keep getting messages from the CEO’s family and acquaintances to help them promote their daughter.” Furthermore, the post stated, “In the company lounge, they play the theme song of I-LAND 2 very loudly, which can be very disturbing.” The OP also expressed their frustration saying, “There have been rumors that other companies also do this too, but our company gains the most attention because the employees are forced to vote. Even on holidays, we keep receiving emails with the same content.” In addition, the OP also wrote, “I’m not interested in other people’s family affairs. It’s very stressful to keep receiving this email.” 

-If I were the employee, even if I wanted to vote voluntarily, I wouldn’t wanna do it anymore if they kept asking me to vote. The company shouldn’t pressure their employees to vote. Do employees really need to do this?

-I don’t think the company was forcing their employees to vote… But I can totally see why the employees are irritated by it. 

-If only they had asked it in an adorable, promotional way like, ‘Please vote~~’, people would’ve found it cute. But this feels like an instruction. 

-They shouldn’t force the employees to vote. 

-If you don’t want to, then just don’t.

-If you don’t do it, it’s not like you’re getting punished; it’s just a request. What’s the problem with that?

-If not doing it leads to disadvantages, isn’t that forcing? In this case, they’re just asking the employees to vote, what’s the problem?

-So annoying. Please, distinguish between work and personal matters.

-The problem is that the notice is being issued from the General Affairs Department as an urgent noticeㅋㅋㅋㅋ  It would be fine if they just said in a meeting, “The CEO’s daughter is appearing, so we’d appreciate your vote.”

-Please distinguish between work and personal matters. Why should the employees vote for his daughter? Is he paying them to vote or something?