The composer of this song revealed that it was originally created to be given to Red Velvet

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If you listen to the demo, it’s really convincing

-Oh, it suits Red Velvet really well

-They received ‘Red Flavor’ instead of this song. 

-I somehow can hear Seulgi’s voice singing it…

-I personally think it would’ve been better if it had been released by Red Velvet. 

-I can hear Wendy and Seulgi softly singing the ‘Shimi shimi kokobop’ partㅋㅋㅋ 

-It kinda gives off ‘Bad Boy’ vibes…

-Red Velvet has a song titled ‘Sunny Side Up’ which has a similar vibe to Kokobop, check it out. 

-I think it doesn’t suit Red Velvet, though… 

-Yeah, I also heard that ‘Russian Roulette’ was originally created for EXO. But it went to Red Velvet instead.  

-The female version sounds good too.

-Oh… I thought EXO was the perfect fit for Kokobop. Now, I’m curious about Red Velvet’s version of it. 

-I think this song suits boy groups better. It doesn’t quite match with Red Velvet since it sounds like a song for boy group, but covering it might be a good idea. 

-It would’ve been perfect for Red Velvet

-Yeah, this song seems like a better fit for girl groups

-As soon as I heard the first part, I thought of Seulgiㅋㅋㅋ

-This seems to suit YG groups more than SM groups, though

-The demo is actually really good, wow…