“The Crown Prince Has Disappeared” Presents Lead Cast In Main Poster

MBN’s new weekend mini-series The Crown Prince Has Disappeared, scheduled to be aired for the first time on March 9, released the main poster featuring Suho, Hong Ye Ji, Myung Se Bin, Kim Joo Hun, and Kim Min Kyu.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared is a creative collaboration between director Kim Jin-man, who worked on classic Korean romantic comedies The Greatest Love and Kill Me, Heal Me, and writers Kim Ji-soo and Park Cheol, who wrote Bossam – Steal The Fate.

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The series is a Joseon-set romantic comedy full of twists and turns about a young man kidnapped by his destined wife.

In the poster, Yi Geon (Suho) shows off his royal bearing dressed in a blue dragon robe as a crown prince. He is resolute not to be defeated by a tangled fate as seen in his excellent yet determined eyes.

Choi Myung-yoon (Hong Ye Ji), stands beside Yi Geon wearing bright hanbok in pretty tones and has a cautious expression, raising curiosity about why after being selected as the Crown Princess, she bosses around the crown prince.

Min Soo-ryeon (Myung Se Bin), who is positioned between Yi Geon and Choi Myung-yoon, arouses curiosity with her strong attire and strange facial expression that contrasts with her intention.

Meanwhile, Choi Sang-rok (Kim Joo Hun) exudes powerful charisma heightening tension. Prince Doseong (Kim Min Kyu), who is located to the far right of Yi Geon, triggers the viewer’s affection with his expressive eyes in a pensive mood.

The main poster previews their struggle to turn cruel fate on their side for their own lives and loved ones.

Studio Jidam, the production company, said, “The released main poster symbolically expressed the relationships of the most important characters in the story and determination for their respective destinies. We will provide an overwhelming sense of immersion with a driving narrative and detailed emotional lines. Please look forward to The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared premieres on March 9 on MBN!

Source: xportsnews