The current Instagram situation of SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored girlfriend, K-netizens react 

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored girlfriend is under criticism after recently updating her Instagram

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored girlfriend, influencer Cho Miyoung, recently shared a new post on her Instagram, after over a month. Immediately, her latest move faced criticism from netizens. 

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A post on the online community Nate Pann titled “Joshua’s girlfriend Instagram” has been gaining attention with over 140,000 views. 

cho mi young

The post reads: “Joshua’s girlfriend has finally disabled comments on her Instagram posts. At first, there were over a thousand comments (on her latest post). Most of them criticize her and Joshua and have many likes. She deleted all those comments, probably hundreds of them. 

But she left this comment: ‘Isn’t it normal for an influencer to date anyone they want and even show it off? Why should she care about the fans of her boyfriend? Those fans should have cared about Joshua. Joshua, as a male idol, was making it obvious that he was dating, so he’s the problem. Why swear at her? Idol fans are out of their mind anyway, but this is still…’

Original post :Pann Nate

Comments from other netizens under the Pann post:

  • She left that comment LOL. She’s really fighting with the fans till the end.
  • It seems like they broke up, she doesn’t seem to care about her boyfriend. That comment isn’t particularly supportive of Joshua either.
  • Joshua, you should focus on managing your girlfriend instead of crying at the concert.
  • Well, whether they flaunt their couple items or doing Lovestagram is a different issue. Her behavior after the dating rumors came out led to criticism.
  • In the end, no matter what job her boyfriend has or what damage he’s facing, is it still okay for her to just take and upload pictures like this?