“The Deal” Lays Out Character Situations In Unveiled Ominous Posters

Wavve original series The Deal shares daunting character posters that give more details to the characters’ predicaments.

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The Deal is billed as a thriller drama about a 10 billion kidnapping case where two young men accidentally kidnap their friend. It follows the interesting premise of yesterday’s friend, today’s hostage, and tomorrow’s accomplice.

“The Deal” Acquaints Viewers With More Details About Characters and Their Stories

“The Deal” Drops Intriguing Teasers Featuring Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi and Yoo Su Bin

Yoo Seung Ho takes on the role of Lee Jun-sung, who is at the center of the kidnapping drama. After being discharged from the military, he is terribly involved in a kidnapping case and experiences intense emotional changes and agony.

Next, Kim Dong Hwi takes the role of Song Jae-hyo who spurred the kidnapping case. Jae-hyo’ encounters a crisis during his college life and makes the accidental choice of kidnapping a friend to solve it.

The role of Park Min-woo, the scapegoat who became a hostage in the kidnapping drama, is played by Yoo Su Bin. Min-woo is a character who is kidnapped by friends he has not met in a long time. He looks naive on the outside, but on the inside, he is a reversal character who is always preparing for a counterattack.

The Instigator, The Accomplice, The Kidnapped Friend, The Police Officer

The character poster released this time suggests the situations that will occur in the future with the intense expressions of each character and the red text written on the posters.

Jun-sung’s poster reveals his precarious emotions as he is caught up in an accidental kidnapping with the caption, “Did you turn around? This is a crime.”

Next, Jae-hyo’s indifferent and cold eyes plus the caption, “But you know you’re an accomplice too, right?” hint at the coldness of the man who started the kidnapping.

The meaningful text, “Do you think I’m a bigot?”, which matches the sharp expression of Min-woo who became a hostage in the kidnapping drama, hints he’s preparing for a countermove.

Lastly, Su-an (Lee Joo Young) is seen looking curious and resolute as a police trainee with a strong sense of justice. The text on her poster says: “Someone was kidnapped in the house next to me.”

The character trailer released together contains the story of four young people involved in a kidnapping.

Jun-sung, who is facing threats to his life due to mounting debts after being discharged from the military, becomes an accomplice in the kidnapping, but tries to maintain the good of the relationship by saying, “Before you are a hostage, you are our friend.”

Next, the reason for this kidnapping is revealed in the image of Jae-hyo, a medical student who is on the verge of being kicked out among his classmates who escaped expulsion with money.

In the scene where he says, “Prepare 1 billion won,” followed by “I have a plan,” Jaehyo’s firm determination to close this deal is seen.

Here, the reversal of Min-woo, who says, “No one can take me lightly,” foreshadows his role as a starting point for increasing the intensity of the kidnapping drama.

Suan, a police trainee, persistently investigates the case, saying, “I witnessed a kidnapping,” raising curiosity about what results her suspicions will lead to.

The Deal will be featured in the On-Screen section of the 28th Busan International Film Festival to be held on October 4. Subsequently, it will exclusively launch on Wavve in October.

Source: SPOTV News