“The Deal” Presents Kim Dong Hwi As Desperate Medical Student

Kim Dong Hwi challenges a complex character in The Deal!

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The series follows the interesting premise of yesterday’s friend, today’s hostage, and tomorrow’s accomplice.

“The Deal” Drops Intriguing Teasers Featuring Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi and Yoo Su Bin

Previously, two types of posters were released, the pictures draw attention by showing the kidnapping situation of three friends that occurred due to a momentary choice.

The instigator of Accidental Abduction

In the series, Kim Dong Hwi delivers a passionate performance as Jae-hyo, the instigator of the incident who made the irreversible choice of trading friends.

Previously, the actor won the Blue Dragon Film Festival Rookie Award for his role in the movie In Our Prime and made a mark with his strong and stable acting that is not typical of a rookie.

In The Deal, he plans to show off his three-dimensional character by expressing sharp eyes and conflicted inner pain.

Jae-hyo is a medical student who thought he would walk a solid path, but for some reason, he is on the verge of being expelled. From there, he commits an accidental kidnapping.
Describing his character, Kim Dong Hwi relayed how Jae-hyo is the character at the starting point of this kidnapping drama.

“The abduction which started simply to collect money, later grows out of control due to unreasonable actions. I hope you will pay attention to this part and watch this part.”

This amplifies curiosity about the character who started the story and the ending brought about by his momentary choice.

Director Lee Jeong-gon, who is in charge of directing, said, “We exchanged a lot of ideas with each other on set. He expressed his trust in Kim by saying, “He is an actor who expressed my ideas in a sophisticated way.”

The Deal will be released exclusively through Wavve on Friday, October 6.

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