‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 15: Lee Joon Becomes Sungchan Group’s Sacrificial Lamb

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“The Escape of the Seven” has maintained a steady rating ahead of the nearing finale.

In a report, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide rating of 5.2 percent for SBS’ “The Escape of the Seven” episode 15.

‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 15 Highlights

The 15th episode starts with the background story of Shim Jun Seok and what prompted him to hate his father, Chairman Shim. After learning that Jun Seok was not his real son, he experienced different things from his father.

This is where all the hatred comes in.

One of his moves was to find out who the chairman’s real son was, and he eventually found out that it was Min Do Hyuk, who was living a much different life than him.

Seeing Do Hyuk with a loving and happy family and doing well in school despite being labeled as a thug infuriated him and promised to destroy everything in his life.

In the present time, Matthew Lee met Chairman Shim and spoke about what was in store for him and the reason he wanted the Sungchan Corporation.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS)

At this point, he left him a clue as to who he really was, which left the chairman with a heart attack. Thankfully, Secretary Kang Jae, Shim Jung Seok’s real father, rushed in and saved the chairman.

One of the significant highlights in “The Escape of the Seven” episode 15 was Min Do Hyuk’s guess about the real Matthew Lee. At this point, he thought that Kang Ki Tak might be saving him from Matthew Lee, the real K after all.

As for Geum Ra Hee, she accidentally found out that the real Lee Hwi Soo was imprisoned by Mattheew Lee, and the real K was him.

One of the significant scenes in “The Escape of the Seven” episode 15 was Geum Ra Hee’s revelation.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS)

After Chairman Shim launched a press conference addressing the controversy involving his son, he pinned the case on Min Do Hyuk.

However, Geum Ra Hee managed to expose Chairman Shim. She told the media that Shim Jun Seok altered his face to make him look like Min Do Hyuk.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS)

To convince people, she brought the plastic surgeon to prove her claim.

Chairman Shim resisted Ra Hee’s claim, but she insisted on having him do the DNA test before the whole nation.

On the other hand, Han Mo Ne learned that Yang Jin Mo and Noh Paeng’s daughter were hers.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS)

It was after she got caught up with Noh Paeng’s run-in with K and asked her to save their daughter from him. She overheard Noh Paeng revealing to K that the child was his flesh and blood, which surely surprised Han Mo Ne.