‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 2: Is Jung Lael Dead?

The newest makjang series, “The Escape of the Seven,” surely knows how to deliver a successful pilot week as the first two episodes showcased thrilling scenes.

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Headlined by Uhm Ki Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Yoo Bi, Lee Joon, Shin Eun Kyung, Yoon Jong Hoon, Jo Yoon Hee, and more, the revenge-mystery K-drama is helmed by “The Penthouse” director Joo Dong Min and screenwriter Kim Soon Ok.

It depicts the story of the survival of seven people who were all connected regarding the disappearance of a high school student.

‘The Escape of the Seven’ Viewership

Following a promising pilot episode, the newest revenge drama continues to pique the viewers’ attention with its mind-boggling and intriguing story.

As “The Escape of the Seven” episode 2 aired, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide rating of 6.1 percent. It is a minimal increase from its previous episode of 6 percent, making the premiere week garner a 6.05 percent rating.

Following its first two episodes, the 17-episode K-drama is set to broadcast its third episode on September 22.

Viewers will get to watch the Friday and Saturday K-drama via SBS, while the global audience can stream it through Viki, Viu, Kocowa, and Wavve.

‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 2 Recap

The story continues with Bang Da Mi pleading for her grandfather’s forgiveness after she failed to show up for their family dinner.

Unfortunately, Bang Chil Sung was furious that he didn’t welcome his granddaughter despite the harsh weather; however, due to her health condition, she fainted.

The whole scene was being witnessed by her biological mother, Geum Ra Hee, who planned this out to get the sympathy of her father-in-law for the investment that she wanted.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS)

On the other hand, Bang Chil Sung’s new wife, Cha Joo Ran, saw the unconscious Da Mi on the ground but planned to ignore her. Thankfully, a househelp got out and also witnessed what happened. This was why Dr. Cha had no choice but to rush Bang Da Mi to the hospital.

Due to the incident, her adoptive parents immediately came to the hospital. Seeing Bang Chil Sung around, Geum Ra Hee pretended that she was concerned about her daughter and made it look like her adoptive parents were using Da Mi to make money.

After hearing this, Mr. Bang felt guilty about how he treated Bang Da Mi and furious over her adoptive parents. He also instructed Bang Da Mi not to communicate with them, and in return, he would support her biological mother’s business.

The next day, Geum Ra Hee got what she wanted and more of what she asked because of Da Mi, making Cha Joo Ran jealous.

As for Bang Da Mi’s connection with Han Mo Ne, this was where her misery started.

The Escape of the 7

(Photo : SBS)

After getting lots of agency deals, Mo Ne was willing to risk it all for the glory and fame. After someone leaked information about a high school student who delivered a baby inside the school, she was terrified that the public would know this.

Lucky for her, she came prepared and left evidence that would point out the incident to Bang Da Mi. She also sought help from Yang Jin Mo, who used the media to create fake news against Da Mi.

The Escape of the 7

(Photo : SBS)

At this point, everyone was against her: the school, her grandfather, and even her biological mother.

In the last scene, Bang Da Mi brought out the time when Ra Hee left her. She also warned her about telling the truth to her grandfather, which made her mother even more mad at her.

In the last scene, Geum Ra He choked and pushed her daughter, causing her to be unconscious.

Will Bang Da Mi survive the abuse of her mother?