‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 5: Revenge for Bang Da Mi Begins

“The Escape of the Seven” episode 5 featured the much-awaited revenge for Bang Da Mi, played by Jung La El.

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In addition, the episode also introduced a new character portrayed by Uhm Ji Koon.

Meanwhile, as the drama aired in its third week, the SBS revenge drama scored a new achievement for the show.

From the creators of “The Penthouse: War in Life,” the mystery thriller series depicts vengeance against seven individuals who are responsible for the disappearance of high school student Bang Da Mi.

‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 5 Viewership

Another week means another unexpected plot from the Makjang series.

Unfortunately, following an increase marking the show’s all-time high, Nielsen Korea recorded a slight dip in the show’s rating.

In a report, “The Escape of the Seven” episode 5 garnered an average nationwide rating of 5.6 percent. Following the perfect streak from its previous episode, the show experienced its first decrease since its debut.

On the other hand, viewers get to watch the latest episode of the show through SBS, while global viewers could stream it via Prime Video, Kocowa, Viki, and Wavve.

‘The Escape of the Seven’ Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode is the start of a pivotal sequence between Chairman Bang, Bang Da Mi’s grandfather, and his mission to avenge her.

The Escape of the Seven

(Photo : SBS )

It can be recalled that the people around the chairman thought that the old man had died and planned on taking all his money. However, “The Escape of the Seven” episode 5 featured that this is the only beginning of his revenge.

He asked the help of Kang Ki Tak to help him escape prison and, at the same time, help Bang Da Mi’s adoptive father get out of prison.

After his surgery at the hospital, Kang Ki Tak pulled some strings to help him execute the switch between Chairman Bang and Lee Hwi So.

As for this, Chairman Bang was the one who stayed in prison, posing as Lee Hwi So, while the real Lee Hwi So is out to start his revenge.

According to Chairman Man, the only person who could take revenge is none other than Bang Da Mi’s adoptive father.

As part of Lee Hwi So’s plan, he changed his identity and lived as Matthew Lee, the founder of the biggest mobile platform company in South Korea.

7 Escape

(Photo : SBS)

One of the things that he started was to get all seven people who wronged Bang Da Mi. It includes Chairman Bang’s misstress, Doctor Cha Joo Ran, his daughter-in-law and Da Mi’s biological mother, Geum Ra Hee, and his classmate, who started it all, the wannabe celebrity Han Mo Ne.

In addition, the revenge also featured Mo Ne’s lover, Yang Jin Mo, Ms. Go Myung Ji, Da Mi, and Mo Ne’s homeroom teacher.

Lastly, Min Do Hyuk is also caught up in the complicated situation after he gets lied to regarding the killer of his mother and brother.

Matthew Lee was the one behind the group’s survival after they were brought to a secluded island. Here, everything that you can imagine can happen.

A wild flesh-eating creature out in the open, earthquakes, and mysterious flowers caused mayhem among the group.

In one scene, it featured how the powerful Mr. Lee is observing the people and is eager to know who will survive on the island.