The Escape of the Seven” has everything from episode 1 “Underage pregnancy and child abuse

“The Escape of the Seven”, which drew attention as a new work by “Penthouse” writer Kim Soon Ok, has been unveiled

The drama showed a mala-flavored development from the first episode.

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In the first episode of SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “The Escape of the Seven“, which aired on Sep 15th, several characters were depicted showing their individual desires.

7 escape

The broadcast began with Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) finding her biological daughter Bang Da Mi (Jung Ra El).

Another main character, Han Mo Ne (Lee Yu Bi), is a delinquent student. Mo Ne, who resembles Bang Da Mi, used Da Mi’s name tag to make it look like she went to the hotel with a man.

7 escape

Pregnant Mo Ne gave birth in the school’s art room, and she even framed Da Mi for giving birth.

Da Mi, who was late for her appointment with Geum Ra Hee, got hit in the face by Geum Ra Hee on a rainy day.

The reaction to the first broadcast was mixed. Although the story unfolded in a way that made it impossible to take our eyes off it, some respond that it is too extreme, such as underage pregnancy and child abuse.

7 escape

In particular, some say that the villains are evil to no end and that the directing is also exaggerated.

The camera movement in the scene where Mo Ne feels labor pains is said to be absolutely hilarious.

Some joke that it does not seem like she was experiencing labor pains, but she was rushing to the bathroom because she suddenly felt the need to defecate.

7 escape

Regarding the scene where Da Mi got hit in the face, netizens left comments such as “Did they really have to do this?” and “It’s unpleasant.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “The Escape of the Seven” ranked first in its time slot by recording 6.0% nationwide, 5.7% in the metropolitan area and a maximum of 6.8% (based on Nielsen Korea).

Source: Insight