‘The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection’ Episode 6: Lee Yoo Bi Questions Lee Joon for Not Saving Her Mother?

“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” Episode 6 focused on Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Joon’s reconnection.The episode also highlighted the true intentions of Lee Jung Shin.

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‘The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection’ Rating: K-Drama See Decrease in Viewership

A sequel to “The Escape of the Seven: War of Survivals” by the creators of “The Penthouse,” the SBS series depicts the continuation of the seven people’s revenge against the vicious villain called K.

The incident was rooted in the death of the high school student, Bang Da Mi, and the discovery of K’s evil plan.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
(Photo : SBS)

Meanwhile, the SBS series struggled to maintain ratings after kicking off the sequel with an impressive start.

Unfortunately, the report said that “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” Episode 6 garnered an average nationwide rating of 2.4 percent, which is a significant decrease from its previous episode.

However, its competitors “Queen of Tears” and KBS 2TV’s “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” have maintained their double-digit ratings.

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The episode continued with Matthew Lee’s hunch regarding the traitor, who helped Min Do Hyuk and Kang Ki Tak escape.

Thankfully, Geum Ra Hee managed to make an alibi and prevent Matthew Lee from doubting her, but she needed to be more careful not to expose her plan.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
(Photo : SBS)

Another part of her revenge was going against the six other people who wronged Bang Da Mi. After Han Mo Ne, it was time for Cha Joo Ra to pay the price.

Geum Ra Hee contacted Joo Ran’s ex-husband and asked him to pretend to be a hotshot CEO, and in return, he would get millions. The goal here was to get Cha Joo Ran’s life savings.

While Joo Ran thought that her ex-husband was wealthy, she decided to leave her boyfriend, Nam Chul Woo, and went to her ex.

However, she found herself being scammed, with him taking all her life savings. For Geum Ra Hee, this was Cha Joo Ran’s payment for making Da Mi’s life miserable.

One of the significant scenes in “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” Episode 6 was Han Mo Ne and Min Do Hyuk’s reunion. Do Hyuk asked Mo Ne to meet him and hand her a special gift.

Initially, she thought Do Hyuk only saved Noh Han Na and let her mother die, but the truth was he tried to save both of them, but it was just impossible.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
(Photo : SBS)

In her last letter to Mo Ne, her mother wanted Han Na to be with her real mother, and expressed the happiness that she was able to meet her granddaughter.

As for Han Mo Ne, she was consumed by guilt that she wasn’t able to protect her mother.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
(Photo : SBS)

However, her fiance, Hwang Chan Seong, was watching from behind and was jealous of her closeness to Do Hyuk.

After inviting her to his place, Hwang Chan Seong couldn’t help but show his true colors.

He assaulted Han Mo Ne for lying to him about Do Hyuk, but thankfully, Min Do Hyuk came to save Mo Ne from her fiance.