The Fall of a Hallyu Star?” Kim Hyun-joong gets angry “Please contact my agency

Recently, Kim Hyun-joong shared the title and content of an article through his personal account.

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The article’s title included the provocative phrase “The Fall of a Hallyu Star” and described him as “living off instant noodles”. In response, Kim Hyun-joong stuffed the article and emphasized the value of his work by stating, “Even though it’s through a YouTube content, growing corn on my land has made me realize how tough and remarkable farming is.”

Kim Hyun Joong

He added, “It seemed like spring was a bit longer this year. As soon as June started, it got hot. I’m off to pull some weeds. Oh, reporter, if I succeed in the harvest, I’ll send you a bag of corn. Please contact my agency~ Please give lots of love and attention to my YouTube channel’s ‘No Solid Answers’.” This magnanimous approach to criticizing the article drew attention.

Recently, Kim Hyun-joong posted a video on his personal channel with hashtags like #NoSolidAnswers, #Farming, #RealEstate, #KimHyunJoong, #BecomeAFarmer and #CornFarming, showing his serious engagement in planting seedlings.

Kim Hyun-joong had previously planned to start farming on land he purchased upon recommendation back in 2007. At the time of purchase, the land was worth 200 million won, but according to real estate experts, it is now difficult to sell even for 30 million won. Kim Hyun-joong even remarked that he felt he had been scammed into buying it. With the help of the village foreman, Kim Hyun-joong started small-scale farming. He took the task so seriously that it seemed like an entertainment show turned into a documentary. Kim Hyun-joong commented “Farming has become genuinely serious“, showing his active engagement in agriculture.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong married a woman two years younger than him last year, and they welcomed a son in the same year. It is known that his wife was his first love, whom he met when he was 14 years old. Last February, he released his third full-length album “My Sun”. News of his son’s first-birthday party also surfaced later, receiving blessings from many.