The identity of villain actors who newly appeared in “Moving”

Disney+’s “Moving” is gaining huge popularity around the world

It has topped the OTT overall topicality ranking since its release and is sweeping the top rankings of the most streamed TV series in many countries around the world.

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New villain characters who will be responsible for the climax appeared in “Moving“, which is heading towards the second half.


The new characters are North Korean soldiers that will add to the tension of the remaining episodes. Among them, the special backgrounds of the actors who play Kwon Yong Deuk and Bae Jae Hak were revealed and became a hot topic.

Actor Park Kwang Jae plays Kwon Yong Deuk, a North Korean soldier with recovery ability and superhuman strength. Park Kwang Jae appeared in episodes 16 and 17, showing off his big physique and overwhelming eyes.

park gwang jae

Actor Park Kwang Jae is known to be 195cm tall.

Park Kwang Jae’s career before his debut as an actor was revealed, drawing attention from netizens. He was a professional basketball player who graduated from Kyungbock High School and Yonsei University’s Department of Business Administration.

During his university days, he was an outstanding player who won the Basketball Festival 3 years in a row as part of Yonsei University’s basketball team.

park gwang jae

Starting his acting career with his debut through tvN’s drama “Basketball” in 2013, he appeared as a muscle monster in “Sweet Home” and is also showing off his presence in “Moving”.

Bae Jae Hak, a North Korean soldier with faster-than-human reactions and excellent shooting skills, is a character whose half of his face is full of scars, making viewers curious about his story.

In the work, he shows off his excellent shooting ability and charisma, capturing the attention of viewers.

Actor Kim Da Hyun, who takes on the role of Bae Jae Hak, was none other than a member of Yada, who sang “Already Sad Love”, one of men’s favorite karaoke songs.

park gwang jae

Many viewers said they did not know that he was Yada’s Kim Da Hyun because he looked different from his usual good-looking image.

Meanwhile, “Moving” is a human action series that deals with three teenage high school students and their parents who discover their superpowers.

“Moving” stars a large number of top star actors such as Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, Cha Tae Hyun, Ryoo Seung Bum and Go Yoon Jung.

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