The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Pulls Out All the Stops to Overthrow In-ah

The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap and Review: In episode 9, In-ah (Lee Jun-young) tries to get Tae-oh (Lee Jae-wook) killed in prison but he escapes, thanks to the Chairman. Perplexed at his gesture, Tae-oh asks him his real intention, to which the Chairman says that In-ah is planning to divide Kangoh and give half to Sa-jin, which he does not want. Tae-oh confesses that the plan was made by him to make In-ah the owner of Kangoh but the time has changed and now, he will make a better plan to remove In-ah. 

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Na Hye-won (Hong Su-zu) gets kidnapped by Mo Gi-jun and finds herself in a mental asylum, chained to the bed. In-ah confronts her for her transgressions and she does not show any remorse. He says that he feels betrayed by her and by double-crossing him, she has made a grave mistake. He gives her one option – to be his person like Han Tae-oh was. 

In the next scene, we see Hui-ju who asks the legal team to find Tae-oh for her. Later, they call her and tell her that there is something wrong with the Chairman’s office as nobody is allowed to enter it and only the Hospital director is seen entering and leaving – making them think that Tae-oh is in his office. Hui-ju goes to talk to her father but she finds him floating in the bathtub, not breathing, and the broken wineglass around him. Shocked at the scene in front of her, she forgets about Tae-oh and goes to save him. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11

In episode 10, we see In-ah confronting his father and the latter tells him his decision to remove him from the company. Angered by the decision, he does not help his father when the latter suffers a cardiac arrest. Instead, he pushes him further into the water. We move to the present as the Kangoh family gathers at the hospital. Thanks to Hui-ju’s quick actions, they were able to save him but since he didn’t take his medicine at the golden hour, they must wait for him to wake up. In-ah finds out that his father is still alive and he begins sweating bullets.

Tae-oh finds Prosecutor Ha Myung-jin and tells him that he isn’t the culprit and that the real culprit has been recorded in Bo-na’s phone. Tired of his shenanigans, he arrests Tae-oh and cuffs him to his car. Determined to make his point, he brings Myung-jin to his side who finds the phone as well as the videos. He shows them to Tae-oh who sees that the murderer is Mo Gi-jun but there is another person at the scene – In-ah.

With the help of the Chairman’s trusted lawyer, Tae-oh is found not guilty of all his crimes and he is let go from jail. The episode comes to an end as a frustrated In-ah comes into the hospital room of his father. Convinced that he will be thrown out if his father wakes up, In-ah justifies his reason to try and murder the Chairman again. But his plan is foiled as he is confronted by his friend-turned-enemy, Tae-oh. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11The Impossible Heir Episode 11

The episode begins with Tae-oh entering the Chairman’s VIP suite at the hospital. Feeling emotional at seeing him lifeless, he gains the courage to go ahead with his plan. Later, In-ah walks in to kill the Chairman but his plans get foiled by Tae-oh. Shocked at seeing each other, the two go out to talk. While Tae-oh looks relaxed and at ease when threatening In-ah, the latter looks disheveled but still manages to keep his cool. 

When Tae-oh walks away from him, In-ah makes a call to Gi-jun. He asks him if the plan remains the same and if he can trust him. Gi-jun expresses his loyalty to In-ah but tells him that he feels scared of getting the death sentence. Hearing that, makes In-ah feel like he cannot trust him and get him killed in the prison itself.  

On the other hand, Tae-oh begins his mission with Gold H Investment and we are taken back to a conversation between him and the Chairman, where he tells him about the paper company. Thinking of the conversation, he continues to make plans when Micheal Chang gets an email from Kang Sung-ju for a meeting. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11The Impossible Heir Episode 11

The next scene shows Hui-ju berating In-ju’s widow for not supporting Sung-ju in his endeavors. While the latter does not get hindered by Hui-ju’s threats, Hui-ju tells her not to forget her duty as a daughter-in-law to the Kang family. Later, Sa-jin tells In-ah to make his decisions regarding Gold H Investment otherwise he will be walking out of the deal. Irked by the mess he is in, In-ah goes to meet Micheal Chang when he meets with Sung-ju and his mother, Geum-seok. 

They get further shocked when Han Tae-oh popped up in front of them as the co-CEO of Gold H Investment. Nobody believes him at first but Sung-ju and Geum-seok soon get on his side while In-ah cannot believe him. He later confronts Tae-oh but the latter remains cool as a cucumber. Back at the warehouse, Tae-oh and Hye-won share a sweet conversation and we are taken back to their friendship during their college days!

In the next scene, Geum-seok calls In-ah for a family dinner but a shocker comes his way – Tae-oh is seen at the ‘family dinner’. Unable to take the dismissal, he walks away from them and devises a new plan. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Pulls Out All the Stops to Overthrow In-ahThe Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Pulls Out All the Stops to Overthrow In-ah

He gets Tae-oh’s stepfather on a temporary release from jail and gives him the location of Tae-oh’s mother. The stepfather finds her and tries to take her with him but she refuses. Angered by her refusal, he pushes her down the stairs – causing her imminent death. 

Sung-ju and his mother prepare for an emergency press conference when the police come and arrest Geum-seok. As the clock keeps ticking, Sung-ju is not seen at the press conference, instead, In-ah ends up coming to the conference. Turns out, In-ah pulls yet another dirty move, but this time on Sung-ju and his mother. 

At the conference, he declares himself as the acting chairman and makes a promise to bring things back to where it belongs. Sung-ju watches the conference at the police station and gets angry at In-ah’s shameless and conniving move. Hui-ju confronts In-ah for his increasingly horrible plans. He tries to mask his emotions and tries to bring her to his side but she sees right through him. She says one line that gets him – ‘You’re not the Kang In-ah I know.’ 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11The Impossible Heir Episode 11

In a heartbreaking scene, Tae-oh goes to identify his dead mother. Looking at her lifeless body, he thinks of all the times he missed having a conversation with her, especially the last time when she came to meet him at the prison but he refused to talk to her. Lee Jae-wook’s performance in this scene takes us back and we feel the pain of Tae-oh. 

At the funeral, Sung-ju comes to pay his respects. He tells him that they both lost their mothers and there is only one person responsible for it. With no further conversation, they both know who he is talking about – In-ah. In-ah, on the other hand, rejoices at the news of Tae-oh’s mother – further confirming that In-ah has truly lost his conscience to take over Kang-oh. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11The Impossible Heir Episode 11

At the end of the episode, In-ah walks into the office as the acting chairman and looks excited to finally reach where he wants to be. As he goes into the conference room, he is stopped by Prosecutor Ha Myung-jin and his team. They show him his arrest warrant for the murder of In-ju and Gi-jun. He loses his cool and tries to break out of the cuffs but seeing Tae-oh in front of him – he gives a sinister laugh at the situation. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Review

Being the penultimate episode, we got a lot of drama, betrayal, smug faces, and revenge plans. In-ah and Tae-oh’s relationship spirals into a ‘tit-for-tat’ situation where each one goes to the depths of hell to make their point known (more so for In-ah). While Tae-oh still has a soft spot for In-ah, it is obvious that In-ah only cares about reaching the top and he is willing to take on any dirty game out of the playbook to win. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 11The Impossible Heir Episode 11

Lee Jun-young as the villain is not new as he has done it before but he is nailing his role in the last few episodes. From greed taking over his mind to being all right with removing anybody from the race – even if it means taking their life. In this episode though, he shows more of his sinister side, which looks impressively scary to the viewers.

Lee Jae-wook absolutely smashed it out of the park with his acting. He had a ‘cool’ aura to him for most of the episode but in the scene with his mother – he truly showed his acting prowess. The angst, regret, sadness, and then rage – he showed it all in just a couple of seconds. Hong Su-zu, on the other hand, barely had any screen time. We’re guessing the makers have heard enough complaints regarding her acting and decided it was best not to have her on-screen too much. 

The Impossible Heir is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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