The Impossible Heir Episode 3 Recap and Review: Fast Pace Keeps You Thrilled

Director Min Yeon-hong
Screenwriter Choi Won
Cast Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, Hong Su-zu
Korean Title 로얄로더
Episodes 12
Genre Revenge drama

In the last episode of The Impossible Heir, we saw Tae-oh and In-ha trying their best to come to the top of Kangoh Group while in the middle of a romantic tussle for Na Hye-won, another person with big ambitions but presently in a pickle. Will Tae-oh and In-ha be able to achieve their dreams?

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Actor Lee Jae-wook was last seen in Death’s Game and Alchemy of Souls. Lee Jun-young was last seen in the highly-popular Mask Girl as well as in D.P. and Let Me Be Your Knight. Lastly, Hong Su-zu’s last roles were in Sweet Home 2 and Lovestruck in the City.

– Spoilers Ahead –

The Impossible Heir Episode 3 Recap

The Impossible Heir Episode 3

The episode starts with Chae Dong-uk buttering up the Chairman in front of his two sons just as Tae-oh comes in. Dong-uk introduces him as the person who wrote his speech and Tae-oh further introduces himself as a member of the global leader training team; the Chairman is excited to see a young member of the team just as everyone is called out. The Chairman asks everyone to leave except Tae-oh and asks him what kind of leader he thinks the Chairman is since the person he wrote in his speech does not showcase him.

The two get into a heated discussion about Tae-oh’s past and his capabilities and he is fired after the Chairman tells him that he knows everything that Tae-oh has been doing for so long. However, Tae-oh’s grit and determination and his answers make the Chairman reconsider and he advises the former to learn to hide his true self better if he wants to work for him.

In the end, Tae-oh gets his job back and after a rousing speech from Joong-mo, he tells In-ha that Dong-uk will lose his job and they further discuss Seong-ju, why he wants to be at the Centre and why it is imperative for him to control this base in order to control Kangoh. In the end, Tae-oh goes up to the Chairman and tells him that, from that day onwards, he will work beside him, finally starting the real game.

The Impossible Heir Episode 3The Impossible Heir Episode 3

5 years later, Kang-oh is rumoured to be the youngest chief secretary but the family despises him. However, it is clear that there are tensions among the family members too and the brothers don’t get along. Elsewhere, Joong-mo and Tae-oh discuss the former’s dreams of creating a country within Korea and he is soon to take a step in that direction. Meanwhile, In-ha is working in the technology wing of the company and Hye-won is working towards pushing the campaign of the to-be President.

Elsewhere, a mysterious hacker takes footage of Seong-ju having a round of shooting with Jo Sun-dong and it is sent to Tae-oh, who takes the information to In-ha and Hye-won later on in the day. He mentions that Sun-dong will be appointed against the Chairman’s intent during the Hanmi Party Conference which will open the doors to attacks on the Royal Road Project as futile. It’s clear that the three are working together as they share ideas and they realise that Kang Seong-ju is trying to deceive the Chairman into getting a more important role in the company. However, what happens when the Chairman gets to know the truth?

As expected, the party leader is made to be Jo Sun-dong, the news of which makes Joong-mo’s health deteriorate. Later, Tae-oh and Hye-won discuss what they have to do next in order to take a step forward. Hye-won continues on her quest to get on her manager’s good graces and although he mentions that he doesn’t trust her, it seems like she is able to make a good impression on him.

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The Impossible Heir Episode 3The Impossible Heir Episode 3

That night, she listens in on the conversation between her Sun-dong’s aides and reports back to the other two telling them that Seong-ju is keeping Sun-dong at the forefront to try and control the National Assembly’s MOEL and MOLIT. They will use it to advance the Royal Road Project in spite of Kangoh’s lack of finances which will result in an economic collapse. Eventually, they will call out Joong-mo for embezzlement. After ousting the Chairman, they plan to separate the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Centre from Kangoh and showcase the former as an independent entity. Basically, turning it into a holding company thereby stealing the core of Kangoh.

However, in spite of the other two wondering what to do next and wondering whether their plan will fail, Tae-oh assures them that they will be able to succeed in their mission and Sun-dong and Seong-ju won’t be able to take anything. Later, Tae-oh goes to meet the hacker who gives him a pamphlet about Kangoh Art Foundation and talks about its shady dealings. Tae-oh informs Joong-mo about Kangoh Art Foundation laundering money for Sun-dong and we see Seong-ju’s true motives surrounding the company. As he continues to make shady moves, we see that the hacker has gotten into Seong-ju’s phone and is tracking his every move.

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Taking all of this evidence, Tae-oh presents it to Joong-mo, who is left furious by everyone’s betrayals. He calls Hyeok-jin over to the office and asks the team to get rid of any issues that can arise from reassigning the centre and Tae-oh takes everyone’s phone while they get to their task at hand. There’s an immediate flurry of activity among Seong-ju, Hyeok-jin and Geum-seok, who decide to also go on the offensive. In the emergency meeting, however, Joong-mo takes a very different approach and praises Seong-ju’s talents and eventually gives him the reins of the dying Kangoh Securities, to his chagrin. Plus, he takes the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Centre under the chairman’s sole authority, reassigning the different roles.

The Impossible Heir Episode 3The Impossible Heir Episode 3

In the end, we see Tae-oh’s victorious face as he stands alone in the elevator with a smile on his face.

Unfortunately, actions have consequences and Joong-mo finds a raid in the office afterwards from the Prosecutor’s Office while he collapses on the ground from the news. Tae-oh finds him on the ground and the screen cuts off before we are shown if he helps Joong-mo or not.

The Impossible Heir Episode 3 Review

The constant jumps in the timeline are becoming a little tiring as a viewer as it seems like we are trying to include as much information in a small episode as possible. Although the thrilling push and pull of power is worthy of watch I feel like we also need to be given some time to mull over what’s happening on screen. Hopefully, after we finally slow down a bit, things will get even more delicious.

That being said, the mysterious hacker who can do anything is a bit much and feels like a convenient way to get out of problems that would otherwise have been extremely difficult to overcome. The way they introduced this character and how he helped Tae-oh get out of a colossal mess seems like a cop-out. Moreover, we still have Hye-won here and now she is marrying In-ha apparently. I don’t understand the point of her character other than just to make things easy for In-ha and Tae-oh in the future.

The Impossible Heir is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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