‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 4: Will Lee Jun Young Get the Recognition He Deserves?

c”The Impossible Heir” Episode 4 showcased an unexpected twist with Lee Jun Young and his relationship with the Kang family.

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The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+) Lee Jun Young

The newest thriller-political K-drama, released by Disney+, depicts the journey of three individuals who want to take over one of the biggest conglomerates in South Korea.

Headlined by Lee Jun Young, Lee Jae Wook, and Hong Su Zu, the trio is ready to take a plunge and get on with their ambitious mission of getting the Kang Oh Group.

‘The Impossible Heir’ Cast + Where To Watch the New K-Drama

Lee Jun Young stars as the illegitimate child of Kang Oh Group’s chairman. Portraying the character of Kang In Ha, he is looked down on by his stepbrothers and mother.

Thankfully, his younger half-sister welcomes him to the family with arms wide open.

The Impossible Heir
Hong Su Zu, Lee Jun Young, Lee Jae Wook
(Photo : Disney Plus Korea)

However, growing up, he has to hide the fact that he is the chairman’s son.

While living outside the city and away from the media, In Ha meets the new kid in the town, Han Tae Oh (Lee Jae Wook). Unlike Kang In Ha, Tae Oh grows up in an underprivileged family. He has to work odd jobs to support school after his father was imprisoned.

Despite their different statuses, they want to climb the social ladder and they choose Kang Oh Group as their target.

Airing every Wednesday, “The Impossible Heir” is available on Disney+. Viewers can also stream the newest episodes on Hulu.

‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 4: Kang In Ha Receives Offer from His Father

“The Impossible Heir” Episode 4 began with a recap of Chairman Kang Joong Mo’s struggling health.

After a confrontation with his wife, Jang Geum Suk, he had a heart attack, causing him to be unconscious. Instead of helping her husband, Geum Suk watched Joong Mo as he grappled.

Thankfully, Han Tae Oh, being his trusted assistant, called 911 for help.

The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+)

As the chairman got settled in the hospital, the Kang members were more concerned about their well-being than the patriarch. Geum Suk pretended not to know about the chairman’s condition before he went unconscious.

Here, Han Tae Oh asked the family members to leave since the top priority right now was the chairman’s recovery.

At this point, it was revealed that the heart attack was staged by Tae Oh and Kang Joon Mo themselves. This was to cover up his weak point, which was Milton.

Thinking that the chairman was still unwell and couldn’t handle his responsibilities, Geum Suk announced her son, Kang Seung, as the acting chairman.

During the board meeting, the hacker managed to create confusion in Kang Oh Securities by changing “1000 KRW per share” as a dividend to “1000 shares per person.” Due to this, he was summoned by prosecutors to explain the reason behind it.

In the last scene, Kang In Ha made a deal with the chairman. He wanted his father to recognize him as his third son.

The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+)

In exchange, Kang Joon Mo asked In Ha to sign a contract.

As for Geum Suk, she was stunned to see the very well-developed and active Kang Joon Mo and realized that she and the family fell into his trap.