The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap and Review: Tae-oh and In-ah Find Themselves at Crossroads

Director Min Yeon-hong
Screenwriter Choi Won
Cast Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, Hong Su-zu
Korean Title 로얄로더
Episodes 12
Genre Revenge drama

Episode 3 gives us an insight into Tae-oh’s (Lee Jae-wook) journey of becoming the youngest chief secretary of Kangoh Corporation. He manages to impress the Chairman with his words and passionate yet calculated outlook on life. Seeing how the young man is intelligent yet cunning enough to make the right decision, the Chairman is quick to keep him close. 

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On the other hand, In-ah (Lee Jun-young) slowly but surely makes his presence known in the company through his quick-thinking skills and determined approach. But with a hacker holding sensitive information and a raid, it seems as though their dreams will be crushed forever. 

Episode 4 continues with the after-effects of the raid and Geum-seok’s cunning moves, causing the Chairman to collapse. With Tae-oh and In-ah’s help, the Chairman gets revenge on his wife and son, who betrayed him with their selfish decisions. The two friends become the Chairman’s favourites and while these two have a brawl regarding their plan, they finally see their risky gamble come to fruition as In-ah is accepted as the heir of Kangho.  

With the pieces finally coming into place, Tae-oh and In-ah look forward to rising to the top and letting go of all their competition i.e. the rest of the Kangho family. In-ah gets closer to removing the ‘illegitimate’ tag from his back, with the help of his friend.

Actor Lee Jae-wook was last seen in Death’s Game and Alchemy of Souls. Lee Jun-young was last seen in the highly-popular Mask Girl as well as in D.P. and Let Me Be Your Knight. Lastly, Hong Su-zu’s last roles were in Sweet Home 2 and Lovestruck in the City

The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap and Review

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The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap

The episode starts with the Chairman and Kang In-ha at the Prosecution’s office. The prosecutor seemed happy to see them in his hands but once they provided a USB filled with sensitive information, he had to give up his place and the case. Happy to see how they moved ahead without a scratch, the Chairman promoted Han Tae-oh and Kang In-ha, irritating the other brothers. 

At the same time, In-ha took Na Hye-won (Hong Su-zu) to the sea and proposed to her with a beautiful ring. In-ah told Tae-oh first, leaving the latter feeling confused at the news. Later, Hye-won was called by her boss and revealed his ambitions for her- he wanted her to be a political aide, especially when she was connected to In-ah. Instead of walking away, she got enticed by his idea.

She even revealed it to Tae-oh who thought it was a great idea and there was so much they could do. She rejected his proposal and decided to do it on his own. With their interaction, she thought about the three of them and how she may have made the wrong decision. 

The Chairman allowed In-ah to lead the negotiations for Kangoh Tech One, alongside Tae-oh. Hearing this news, both brothers were extremely unhappy with their father’s decision. They decided to keep a close eye on the whole situation while the other two planned for the negotiations. In-ah and Tae-oh began to butt heads as the former changed many things without the latter’s confirmation. 

The negotiations went on with Ko Hui-chan, who didn’t want the company but because of his father, he had no choice. While the initial round of negotiations left Hui-chan with a great deal, In-ah revealed to Tae-oh his secret weapon- manipulating them into giving in by using IM’s report. While Tae-oh was against it, In-ah still went ahead with it. Eventually, he won his deal but his father, the Chairman, was disappointed in his ways and he took out his anger on Tae-oh. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap and Review: Tae-oh and In-ah Find Themselves at CrossroadsThe Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap and Review: Tae-oh and In-ah Find Themselves at Crossroads

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In-ah felt guilty and revealed that it was his choice to use such a way. His father berated him and he left, feeling dejected and sad. Later, Tae-oh found In-ah at the basketball court and while the latter was mad at the former, a small match got them being friends again. When In-ah left, Tae-oh continued to play basketball and got attacked by a cloaked stranger. 

The episode ended with him on the floor, trying to pick up Na Hye-won’s call while reminiscing about their college days and said that he missed her a lot. He was left on the floor while the perpetrator had taken his wallet and ran away- trying to make it seem like a robbery. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Review

With this episode, we get a little more of In-ah transforming into Kang In-ah, the heir of Kangoh. With his father’s cunning abilities, it was quite obvious that In-ah wanted to prove his worth on his own- and not with the help of Tae-oh. We didn’t get much of the bromance and it seems as though it is going to reduce even further once In-ah becomes busy with his family business and Hye-won. 

The episode has a good pace now and I’m sure we are going to get more pace in the coming episodes as things change around the main leads. The female lead is still a boring addition and her scenes are of no interest- especially when she thinks about In-ah and Tae-oh and wonders if she made the right choice. The makers should work on her character or cut out her scenes.

The Impossible Heir is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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