‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 5: Will Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young Execute Their Plan Amid Kang Oh Group’s Controversy?

“The Impossible Heir” Episode 5 delivered a fast-paced chapter as Lee Jun Young and Lee Jae Wook’s characters were put in a complicated spot.

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The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney + Korea Instagram)

Directed by Min Yeon Hong of “Insider” and “Missing: The Other Side” with screenwriter Choi Won of “Miss Butcher,” the Disney+ series follows the journey of the three individuals who want to gain control of one of Korea’s top conglomerates, Kang Oh Group.

Lee Jun Young plays as the illegitimate chaebol Kang In Ha, who teams up with schoolmate turned best friend Han Tae-Oh, portrayed by Lee Jae Wook, to execute their plan and to be acknowledged as the chairman’s son.

Interestingly, they meet Na Hye Won, played by Hong Su Zu, who becomes an asset to their team and joins them in their mission.

‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 5: Lee Jae Wook & Lee Jun Young To Execute Their Plan Amid Kang Oh Group’s Scandal

The episode continued with Han Tae Oh proceeding with their plan to turn things around for Kang Oh Chairman Kang Joong Mo after he was summoned by the prosecutor.

The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+)

It was after Prosecutor Ha Myeong Jin was probing regarding the scandal involving the securities shares under the conglomerate.

However, Han Tae Oh presented the chairman and Kang In Ha with evidence against the prosecution. This removed Ha Myeong from his position and saved the chairman from the cathartic scandal.

As for Kang In Ha, the incident was also beneficial on his part. Because of the chairman’s appearance at the persecution, the media knew about the existence of the chairman’s third son.

Moreover, the media also saw him as someone who veered away from the usual succession since he started in the mid-tier position and worked his way up. However, his brothers saw this as an attack on them.

Following the successful plan of the duo, Kang In Ha was promoted to Division Director of the Future Strategy office, which made his brothers even more furious.

The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+)

While In Ha was slowly adapting to his new position, Na Hye Won received a proposal from him.

Unfortunately for Han Tae Oh, all he could do was congratulate the couple, but deep down, he was saddened by the news.

The situation for Han Tae Oh and Kang In Ha got out of hand after they faced a tech leak during the negotiations involving the company Daejong. This landed the duo on the chairman’s bad side, and he berated his son for using a dirty trick and blamed Han Tae Oh for it.

In the last scene, he and Han Tae Oh played a game while talking about visiting the chairman.

However, while Kang In Ha was gone, Tae Oh was attacked by an unknown man.