The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Gets Caught in a Dangerous Trap

The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Episode 5 showed the Chairman allowed In-ah (Lee Jun-young) to lead the negotiations for Kangoh Tech One, alongside Tae-oh (Lee Jae-wook). Hearing this news, both brothers were extremely unhappy with their father’s decision. They decided to keep a close eye on the whole situation while the other two planned for the negotiations. In-ah and Tae-oh began to loggerheads as the former changed many things without the latter’s confirmation. 

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The negotiations went on with Ko Hui-chan, who didn’t want the company but because of his father, he had no choice. While the initial round of negotiations left Ko Hui-chan with a great deal, In-ah revealed to Tae-oh his secret weapon- manipulating them into giving in by using IM’s report. While Tae-oh was against it, In-ah still went ahead with it. Eventually, he won his deal but his father, the Chairman, was disappointed in his ways and he took out his anger on Tae-oh. The episode ended with him getting attacked by a cloaked stranger. 

Episode 6 continued with Han Tae-oh’s attack scene. In-ah and the Chairman decided not to investigate the accident because it may put their name in the media. Hye-won (Hong Su-zu) found out that In-ah was the one who stopped the investigation and she confronted him. He was upfront about his decision and she tried to reason with him. 

The scene cuts to In-ah and Hye-won’s wedding. While Tae-oh stands in the background, the newly wedded couple goes around to thank everybody. The episode ends with a shocking twist. Tae-oh woke up in a hotel room the next day but he doesn’t realise that he is covered in blood and has an ice pick in his hand. Shocked at his state, he turns around and finds Kang In-ju and a woman dead next to him with the ice pick marks on them. He was shell-shocked at the situation in front of him. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 7

The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap

The new episode goes back to the wedding day, where In-ju threatens Hye-won with the pictures and calls Tae-oh to the club. In-ju threatens him but Tae-oh tries to get him back. In-ju makes some bold statements, leaving Tae-oh no choice but to listen to him, for Hye-won’s sake. Laughing at his fate, In-ju makes him drink alcohol mixed with drugs, just because he could. 

The episode comes back to the present and Han Tae-oh is seen completely shocked at his state. In-ah and Hye-won find out about the incident and immediately the former goes to his father. The Chairman makes it clear that the news must not leak about Tae-oh. Unfortunately, that does happen eventually, making the Chairman angry at the situation. Tae-oh, on the other hand, tries to prove his innocence but he loses the battle. 

The Chairman, on the other hand, finds out about Mo Gi-jun’s attack on Tae-oh and thinks about why Tae-oh would manage to kill In-ju over an attacker. He realises there is more than they expect and wants to look at all the evidence. He knows that Tae-oh is not someone to think irrationally and that there is someone else involved in this murder. While he still wants to be away from it all, the thought of another insider creating a ruckus gets under his skin.

The court hearings begin and Mo Gi-jun acts as the prime witness to the case. He completely changes his game and gives false statements to the court like Tae-oh is a habitual drug user, he wants revenge from In-ju, etc. He exaggerates and uses false means to put Tae-oh in a bad light. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 7The Impossible Heir Episode 7

In-ah acts suspicious as he takes over Tae-oh’s place and tries to get rid of everything Tae-oh has touched. He doesn’t seem sad for his friend, rather he tells him that he does not want to forgive him and walks out from there. Tae-oh realises that In-ah did not ask him whether he did it or not. In-ah manages to take up all the responsibilities really well, almost as if he knew that this is what he would be doing.

During a walk, he remembers the small details of the fateful night. He remembers that besides the three of them, there was another person present in the room – the actual culprit. The news gets to him and he falls unconscious. The emergency room nurse helps him and he calls Hye-won. They talk about the situation and he sends her to bring the hacker to the prison. 

The hacker meets him to tell him not to call him any longer but Tae-oh being the ultimate negotiator, manages to convince him to help him. While looking, he finds something shocking – Mo Gi-jun and In-ah have a connection. Mo Gi-jun’s mother passed away when he was young and In-ah helped him, making him In-ju’s assistant in the end. 

The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Gets Caught in a Dangerous TrapThe Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Gets Caught in a Dangerous Trap

Hearing it, Tae-oh becomes inconsolable. He realises that In-ah was never on his side and while he held many secrets, In-ah was always one step further. He now knows that In-ah wants to be at the top without his help and will go to any lengths for it – even if it means to frame him for murder.

The episode ends with Tae-oh’s verdict. He is found guilty of his crimes and has been sentenced to capital punishment. The verdict leaves him feeling shocked and in disdain. He screams at everyone, saying that he is innocent but it falls on deaf ears.

The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Review

The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Gets Caught in a Dangerous TrapThe Impossible Heir Episode 7 Recap and Review: Tae-oh Gets Caught in a Dangerous Trap

The episode is definitely a shocker! We did not expect so many secrets to unravel or to begin hating a character so quickly. Lee Jae-wook did a splendid job of making us feel for him as he goes through this trying time. His pain, disdain, helplessness and anger come out in waves just through his expression. 

Lee Jun-young, on the other hand, is inciting rage within us for his brilliant acting as a cunning villain. This episode makes it abundantly clear that In-ah was always one step ahead of Tae-oh and it was never the other way around. 

The Impossible Heir is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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