“The Impossible Heir” Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

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The members of Kang family maneuver devious acts to claim the highest power of the family business in the 2nd week of The Impossible Heir!

Meanwhile, Tae-oh and In-ha begin their ultimate mission to claim Kangoh Group.

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The Impossible Heir

The Impossible Heir Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

Han Tae-oh and Kang In-ha position themselves at Kangoh Group in preparation for their plan to seize the highest power. Tae-oh gains the trust of Chairman Kang Joong-mo by feigning admittance that the chairman knows his weakness.

The business plan that Tae-oh created five years ago has been a core achievement of the company. But Chairman Kang is keen to build a new project of ambitious scale. Of course, the project needs the support from the government.


Unknown to Chairman Kang, his wife Madam Jang moves to put her son, Seung-jo, in an advantageous position in the company. His answer to that is appointing Seung-jo to a dying business of the group, the situation escalates to a worse scenario after an attack initiated by In-ha and Tae-oh.

Chairman Kang also pretends to be in a serious condition, confirming his wife’s evil heart in the process when she leaves him on the ground when he pretends to have an attack.

Previously, Tae-oh already pitched to Chairman Kang to use his third son. Learning the plight of Seung-jo was caused by In-ha, he agrees to his son’s demand to publicly acknowledge him. This does not sit well with Madam Jang who walked out on the first time In-ha finally made it to the family dinner.

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The Impossible Heir Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

It’s literally a cruel world in the interesting family of Kang. The mind games are stimulating and we can’t wait how our underdog besties would reap what they have been sowing.

The Impossible Heir has sketched the motivations of Tae-oh and In-ha individually, and how later it will converge for their mutual dream. But there’s always an inkling of fear that their friendship might go sour.

On the horizon, we can foresee a few variables that might cause disruptions to their plan like Hye-won’s real heart and intention and the mercurial movements of Kang family members. Nevertheless, that’s what makes this series so far thrilling.

The exchange of outsmarting ploys is expected to increase now that everyone is aware of the silent war within the family. This actually makes an interesting note in the series. The drama which spins blatant attacks and unbotheredness for the characters is addicting to watch.

Can Tae-oh, In-ha and Hye-won reach their goals in The Impossible Heir? Stream the series on Disney+!

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